I tried a miracle tofu "BEYOND TOFU" that introduced fermentation technology to tofu and produced cheese-like texture

Speaking of tofu, it is common that touching "soft and pulping" is common, but more than 60 years of tofu makerSagamiyaFrom "It's hard to scrape like cheese and dissolve"BEYOND TOFU(Beyond Tofu) "has appeared on March 31, 2018. According to Sagamiya, BEYOND TOFU is a texture and texture that can not be considered tofu, "low-fat soy milk × fermented creates 100% botanical miracle tofu".MS-06 Zaku TofuMiraculous tofu by Sagamiya who has been developing and so on became anxious, so I actually bought it and tried it.

~ Tofu beyond tofu ~ Low fat soy milk × Fermentation creates a miracle tofu "BEYOND TOFU" announced on March 31, 2018 | Product Information | Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd. |

BEYOND TOFU | Commodity introduction | Sagamiya Foods Co., Ltd. | Tofu is Sagamiya


On the left is "BEYOND TOFU" block type "(150 g: 537 yen including tax) and right is" cube type "(50 g: 300 yen including tax). The package which is written as "TOFU" is drawing an atmosphere like cheese made abroad. According to the manufacturer, the product name "BEYOND TOFU" comes from the fact that the used oil is 100% vegetable oil, while realizing a different dimension from the conventional tofu .

First of all I will eat it from the block type person. A stunning right-angled triangular prism looks.

It looks like cheese, but raw materials include "soymilk fermented food", "vegetable oil", "powdered candy" etc. There are no milk fat ingredients or animal ingredients.

Energy is 335 kcal per 100 g. One piece 150 g, 502 kcal. By the way, the energy per 100 g of process cheese is almost the same as 339 kcal, which is less than 5 times as much as 72 kcal per 100 g of cotton tofuThat.

The expiration date is longer than general tofu,30 days including manufacturing dateAnd that.

I did not know how to open it so I will try using kitchen scissors.

Cut along the side of the vacuum pack ... ...

Peel off the package ......

Take it out like this.

It is about 10 cm long side and compared with 13.8 cm iPhone 7 like this.

The thickness is about 4 cm.

Approaching it, it looks faintly like a tofu. There is no strong aroma of fermented food like Parmesan cheese, but a slightly sour smell is felt.

First of all, I try to eat as curiously pushed. When you cut it with a kitchen knife, it's like a hard clay texture, like sliced ​​cheese and 6P cheeseProcess cheeseIt is about a little harder. BEYOND TOFU realized this hard texture by incorporating "fermentation" for the first time in commercial tofu. Material Soy MilkUSS recipeI use low-fat ones.

I tried slicing to make it easy to understand the taste.

When I try to eat it, I feel a slightly net texture like processed cheese first, then a faint sweetness similar to sour and tofu. I feel that the texture is quite close to the process cheese, so I think that it is "cheese-like" for a moment, but since it incorporates a process called "fermentation" into tofu instead of milk, it has a distinctive flavor, like a natto like tofu There is a remaining aftertaste. "The texture is cheese itself, the cheeses with no habit which made the taste quite easy to rough", "The texture and texture are cheese but not milky and not enough" "I like cheese It is hard to eat a piece of meal "and she seems to choose people, the thing that is common is" It is smoother than cheese. "

I felt it was similar to cheese so I prepared a process cheese.

Of course there is no mixture of fragrances and ingredients.

When eating the process cheese, BEYOND TOFU made the impression that richness and sourness were modest, weakened cheese habit, and made it stronger.

A way of eating that it scatters and sprinkles on pasta like crumpled like Parmigiano Reggiano used for powder cheese etc. on the websiteDescriptionAs I was being prepared, prepare meat sauce and try it on spaghetti.

Of course meat sauce does not contain cheese so as not to overwrite the flavor of BEYOND TOFU.

That's why Sakutto created meat sauce spaghetti.

There is no cheese sharpener or cheese grater in the editorial department, so we prepared a fine grated eyes.

Immediately, let's try it ... ...

BEYOND TOFU is more sticky than I expected, I could not bring it down with the grater.

So I give up rubbing and scrape with a peeler.

It worked better than expected. When putting BEYOND TOFU from above, it seems good to shave with peeler.

Meat sauce It looks like tofu is on the spaghetti, it looks just like pizza cheese.

When I try to eat it, it looks like cheese, I do not feel like the taste is totally different. However, the website says BEYOND TOFU has a "melting and melting" propertyDescriptionAlthough it is being done, it looks like 'Cheeseu' is not melting like cheese. On the contrary it becomes a little strange feeling that "melting cheese is in meat sauce spaghetti".

That's why I cut it small and compared it with the meat sauce I tried earlier.

It can not be judged at all by appearance.

First of all, eat from BEYOND TOFU ......

Next, when I ate the processed cheese and meat sauce together, I felt exactly the same, I did not understand the difference in taste. When I got another editorial staff to eat it, it was impression that "within the error".

Next time I became concerned about what it is as tofu, so I will eat with soy sauce like cold or purse.

Cut it into strips ......

When I try to eat it on soy sauce, the characteristics of BEYOND TOFU "fragrance of tofu with the texture of cheese" is as it is, but it seems that it became easy to eat by adding flavor of soy sauce. It is a BEYOND TOFU with its unique peculiarity, but it seems to be moderately suppressed if other strong taste is added as it is crisp.

Next time I will eat BEYOND TOFU cube type.

The arrangement method was stated on the back of the package.

Inside the package is a hemispherical, somewhat consolidated transparent package ... ...

When turning over the lid, BEYOND TOFU of cubic shape about 1 cm is contained. Cube type is because it is recommended to use it for easy cooking such as crackers, canapés, pinchos ......

I will eat it on crackers. We prepared materials such as olives, smoked salmon and tomatoes.

Succeeded to completion.

When eating, it makes it easier to eat than to eat as it is, leaving the texture of BEYOND TOFU complementing the taste of ingredients put together. Editing members who were somewhat weak in eating as they are, "I can think only as cheese if it is served without saying anything" when asking other editorial staff for impression also "It can go as cheese if it is with crackers and ingredients "I was commenting on it. BEYOND TOFU seems to be good for people who like cheese "Healthy animal proteins and oils are refraining from health", "We are not good at acidity, fermentation odor and oiliness of cheese" "I want to eat crisp refreshed cheese a while" I felt that.

The block type and cube type of BEYOND TOFU can be purchased mainly in the supermarket in the Kanto Koshinetsu / Kansai area. Rakuten MarketSagamiya Oyafu Shop, 3 types of block type and cube type - A total of 6 sets are handled at 3218 yen including tax. Furthermore, Hokkaido Okinawa prefecture excepting free shipping becoming.

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