We have eaten a new menu of Doutor coffee, such as 'Calzone plump shrimp and shrimp bisque sauce' tangled with rich shrimp and rich cheese & bisque sauce

Doutor coffee renewed Regular menu Calzone from Thursday, October 11, 2018, " Calzone plenty of 4 cheeses and bacon bacon " " Calzone rooster chicken and vegetable caponata " " Calzone plump shrimp and Mischievous Bisque Sauce "are offered. In addition, it was said that "Kinako soy milk latte - domestically produced Tanba black bean kinako use ~" which was offered for a limited time in 2017 appeared again in the menu for a limited time again with popularity. I just went to eat actually how the taste of the new menu of Doutor coffee.

There were delicious seasons "New Calcone 3 types" and "Kinako soy milk latte ~ Domestic produce Tanba black bean kinako use ~" will be released on October 11 at the Doutor coffee shop

I came to Doutor coffee.

After ordering three kinds of Calzone, the first thing that came out is "4 types of culzone plus 4 kinds of cheese and bacon" (390 yen including tax). Calzone is a Italian dish which can be eaten while walking with one hand, folding the pizza fabric into a crescent shape and pinching the ingredients on both sides.

When I opened the cloth of Calzón folded up, the crispy and bacon of crispy were caught. Cheese has been produced in Hokkaido flower garden ranch Kachokavaro cheese , Pecorino cheese , Gouda cheese , SteppenWolf cheese that of the four types of have been blended.

When eating, it is a bitter mouthfeel of the baked roasted fabric, exquisitely matches the bacon elasticity with the mellow texture of the four blended cheeses. Anyway, plenty of blended cheese claims are strong, but when you taste it well, you can feel a white sauce using butter and cream, saltiness of bacon, and it's an irresistible menu for people who love cheese .

"Calzone plump shrimp and mussels' bisque sauce" (390 yen including tax) is said to be a plentiful fruit Calzone, spinach and shrimp are tiny from the dough.

When you open the dough, plenty of shrimp and mussels are contained, white cheese and orange bisque sauce is entangled. Green spinach is gorgeous coloring.

The texture of plump shrimp and mussels is a good accent in the dough, combined with a rich bisque sauce, the umami of the seafood spreads over the mouth. In addition, cheese sauce with Gouda cheese · steppen cheese · pecorino cheese firmly entangled, finished in Calzone with a massive response and eating, was a satisfactory 1 item.

"Calzone rooster chicken and vegetable caponata" (390 yen including tax) is like this.

In the basil sauce and mozzarella cheese, chicken is in full. The accompanying vegetables are zucchini, red pepper, yellow pepper and egg, a traditional dish of Sicilia and Naples called " Caponata ".

The compatibility of mellow and melting Mozzarella cheese and Kaponata is outstanding. Among the umami of the Kaponata style sauce and the sweetness of vegetables, the scent of basil sauce is accented. The bite-size chicken meat surprisingly has a response to eat, it has become a dish with volume. In addition, although it is said that you are using quinoa for the toppings and sauces used for 3 kinds of Calzone, you never knew what part is quinnah even if you eat 3 kinds.

After eating 3 kinds of Calzone, ordered ice (M size, 400 yen including tax) and hot (M size, 400 yen including tax) of "Kinako soy milk latte ~ Domestic production Tanba black bean kinako use ~".

First, I will drink ice cream. From the top of the latte whipped cream, a brown sugar source using brown sugar from Iriomotejima and a domestically produced Tanba black bean are used for kinako.

It seems that the mushrooms are being used plentily, and we saw that the mushrooms are sinking also at the bottom of the glass.

As soon as I drank it, it is a latte made based on soy milk, it is a latte easy to drink as a mess. Combined with the sweetness of brown sugar and the fragrance of mushrooms, it was finished in a latte of refreshing sweetness, perfect for taking a break from the breath.

Next time I drink hot, I feel stronger the more fragrant of Kinako than Ice. I felt little bit of coffee's bitterness, and it was a heart-warming latte characterized by whipped cream and soy milk, mellow and gentle mouthfeel.

"Plenty of 4 kinds of cheese and bacon flavor Bacon" "Captivity of chicken and vegetables" Bisque sauce of plump shrimp and mussels "is 390 yen including tax," Kinako soy milk latte ~ domestically produced Tanba black bean kinako use ~ "is S Size is 350 yen including tax, M size is 400 yen including tax, L size is 450 yen including tax, will be offered at Doutor coffee nationwide stores. It is limited from 10th October 2018 for a limited time.

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