A large number of producers arrive at Baresta at Delemas × Sagan's "Stry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage"

Football club belonging to J1 which is home town of Tosu city, Saga prefecture "Sagan Tosu", Popular content that is in perfect condition for animation in the game"Idolmaster Cinderella Girls"Collaborate to sell goods and hold events to excite football matches"Stryra ☆ Tosu ☆ stage"is. The iOS version application just released a few days ago is "Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight StageAlthough it is the same event that succeeded in perfectly patting up in the form of "This is the only one!SagantinoI actually went to the Best Amenity Stadium because I was concerned as to what kind of event the producers would be able to complement and eventually become.

9/12 (Saturday) "Starry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" event information, goods sale announcement - Sagan Tosu

"Stryra ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" is an event to be held at Sagan Tosu's Home Game three times on September 12, 26, October 17, 2015. On 12th September the first event of the event was held at the best amenity stadium, the so-called Sagan Tosu home stadium, also known as Beasta.

The nearest station is JR Tosu Station. It takes about 20 minutes by train from Hakata Station.

Since I have a pedestrian overpass on the right hand side after leaving the station, I will cross this ... ....

I found Baresta in the middle of a pedestrian overpass.

Looking up it is like this. In the domestic football dedicated stadium not so many, the number of people is 24,490 people.

Access is pretty good, as Baista is near the station which is a 1/2 minute walk from the station.

Before the stadium there was a fight card and a guide map of the day.

I arrived more than 4 hours before the start of the match, but already around the stadium there are several supporters & stalls.

Starry ☆ Tosu ☆ I also found posters on the stage everywhere.

"Although the event is still but collaborative goods are already sold hus ... ..." as I was going round the stadium area, in the park next to the stadium ......

Discover sales at the edge. The goods sale started from 10 o'clock and it was settled once at 11:30, so when I headed before 15 o'clock, it was in such a condition that you can buy the goods immediately with such feeling.

In the first game of the event, six kinds of collaborative goods were sold in total, but among them the towel muffler was sold out. Incidentally,Poster sales of can badge A set will be decideddoing.

By saying "Collaboration event is a collaboration uniform!", The event collaboration uniform T-shirt looks like this.

The surface is an ordinary Sagan Tosu uniform. The jersey number is "17" which is the numbering number of the Sagan Tosu supporter called "Sagantino".

On the back is a logo of the Cinderella Project and one of the six characters of Shimamura Uzuki, Shinzani Rin, Honda Mio, Akagi Miria, Ogata Tomori, Jokigasaki Mika. Pet looking looks like an ordinary uniform, and animation fans are designed so that they can wear without worrying about the surrounding eyes.

Besides, the Sagan Tosu specification original replacement jacket of the CD "Aozora Ale" sold at the event limit ... ...

There were 4 sets of A4 clear files etc.

In the park there is space to commemorate with the senior large panel of Sagan Tosu Eleven ......

There is Sagantino, who is playing football because the game can not wait on the lawn ......

I have kick targets for kids ......

Various as being stomping on a street where a matrix can be found.

This is the North entrance of the stadium. After about an hour, an awesome row is completed here, but at this time I thought that the people did not come yet and I could afford it ... ....

As we sell the same day ticket at the ticket office in the stadium, we will respond badly to the desires of those who say "suddenly want to watch football as unmatchable".

The day's tickets started three and a half hours before the game started.

So, until I entered the stadium for a while I was hanging around the stadium, "Street ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" limited CD from the stadium "blue sky ale" flowed.

"Starry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" limited CD "Blue Sky Ale" flows in Baista - YouTube

As the supporters gradually increased, I tried challenging to find all 6 characters sold from the producer / sagantino wearing a collaboration uniform.

Shimamura Uzuki

Rin Shibuya

Miria Akagi

Ogata Tomori, and up to four people could easily be found, but only the collaboration uniform of Honda Mio and Jokagasaki Mika remained missing.

Perhaps I thought that there might be someone who wore a collaboration uniform just bought around the merchandise, and it was not long before the long line was completed.

This is a sales column of Matchday program. Matchday program can be purchased for 130 yen ... ...

This was sold on the day. Three people were decorating the cover of the Matchday program, New Generation wearing Sagan Tosu uniform.

And unexpectedly the long entrance to the north entrance is a long line of sagantino waiting for entrance. This was just a part of the row, and because the rows were made in various places elsewhere, if you line up early, it seems likely to sit in the seat of your choice.

I found a producer / sagantino × 2 when in line.

I also encountered twice with Mr. Shigasaki Mika that I could not find until a while ago.

And finally Moto Honda's collaboration uniform ... ....!

Also discovered a collaborative towel muffler.

Finally entered the stadium. When entering it is necessary to have the contents of the bag checked with the ticket.

You can exchange a collaborative match original ticket just outside the entrance gate.

With "Starry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" autographed by Naomi Ohori, Tomoya Kurosawa, Haruka Kamura who visited Baista for the event, only for those who bought & collaborated original tickets for all three games in 3 games You can participate in the lottery won the uniform T - shirt. This is a mount for a commemorative ticket for the opening game and three tickets.

Collaboration match original ticket is like this, three people of the new generation also here.

The mount is like this. Will a different illustration be adopted for a collaboration ticket by one game per game ...?

Go to the stadium if you exchange tickets.

Beasta is the second floor seat closest to the pitch ... ...

There is a third floor seat on that stage.

This time around and around the stadium ... ...

I came to the 3rd floor free seat of the main stand. There was only a football exclusive stadium without a track track, the distance to the pitch was very close, and the third floor seat was a nice seating that "you can watch the game with a bird's-eye view as it is close to the pitch".

The side stand north side seen from the 3rd floor main stand. It is the area where the strongest cheering on the home side is done.

The main stand is like this, and the third floor seats have narrow slopes so the seats are narrow. Instead, we could watch very comfortably without the head of the person sitting in front of us entering into sight.

Also on the main electronic bulletin board letters "Stry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage".

When I was looking at the pitch I found the character "Idolmaster Cinderella Girls" on the electronic bulletin board behind the goal.

Something like this, "stry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" was occasionally displayed on the electronic bulletin board behind the goal.

If you look at the following movie you can see how it actually was.

Goal backlighting bulletin board at 'Stryra ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage' - YouTube

At 17:50, Naomi Ozori who is a character voice of idolmaster Cinderella Girls (role of Tomoe Ogata), Tomoya Kurosawa (role of Mariyuk Akagi), Haruka Kamura Both team introduction & talk time started by Mika Shijigasaki).

Three people appeared wearing Sagan Tosu uniforms at the event, and photographs taken at that time were uploaded on Mr. Oku's official Twitter.

In the first introduction by the two teams, three of them introduced to the football club called Sagan Tosu at the character voice of Cinderella Girls respectively, and the slogan of the 2015 season is "Next Stage ~ Challenge ~" and Sagan Introducing that Tosu's mascot character, Winsts, is a prefectural bird in Saga prefecture, "Magpie (caucharas)". And, "Saganetino everyone, I will send hot cheers to the players with loud voice today!", Excited the supporters.

After that, the talk show started. In the talk show, the stadium DJ is asking three guests questions about football. For example, in response to the question "Were you watching soccer in the stadium?", Mr. Kamura is from Osaka, so he says he has been to Gamba Osaka practice. In addition, I was asked if I actually played football and Mr. Kurosawa revealed that I was playing football during the holiday time as elementary school student. In response to this question, Mr. Kamura revealed that he was doing judo instead of football during his school days, surprising the venue. In addition, Mr. Okira reveals that he was solicited to football because the last name is the same as the main character of Captain Tsubasa.

In response to the question "What position would you play for football?", Mr. Kurosawa said "I am not good at dribbling and defense!" In the question of the stadium DJ's "Do you want to transfer to Sagan Tosu?" I asked the 346 pro to become fired when I became fired, and gave a brilliant question to storm the stadium again. When asking the same question, Mr. Kamura is bought a football ball for the event and is practicing kicking at the river.

And when asking "What is the image for Sagan Tosu?", It is revealed that Mr. Yoshimura, Mr. Ohkari and Mr. Kurosawa studied independently about Sagan Tosu respectively. Especially Mr. Oki will reveal that he is paying attention to the Kamada Daiten who played the starting competition in the game of this day in 18-year-old rookie and surprise the venue. Mr. Kurosawa, on the other hand, revealed that Kamada was paying attention as Mr. Oki because he was of the same age as himself. On the other hand, Mr. Kazuyoshi seems to have discovered that Sagantino advised Deremusphan when watching at the "Stry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage", Saganetino felt "It's a good supporter".

The players introduction and the talk show ended in a blink of an eye, but during that time, a stark cheering crying out the name of the guest several times from the stadium was raised.

After the talk show, club's Monthly MVP announcement, declaration of elimination of discrimination by the captains of both teams, ceremony for Yomoei Toyoda who has completed 300 J-League appearances and 15 goals for the fourth consecutive year, etc. was also held Kick in started by Kimura-san, Oku-san, Kurosawa-san.

Although it started to rain in the middle of the game, Sagantino's cheers were almost unlikely, and I felt the sense of unity of the team belonging to J1.

Sagantino's support status can be seen in the following movies.

Sagan Tosu support - YouTube

By the time the game started, it seemed that the stand was buried quite a lot, but the number of visitors on that day seems to be 1520 people.

Although Sagan Tosu welcomes a great machine in the first half 30 minutes, the shoot is blocked by the opponent keeper. Immediately after that, Kamata who is a high school rookie shoots a shot from the cut-in, but the ball does not score even if it is crossed outside just outside of the post. This moment was a very exciting moment, it has been totally transmitted that Saganeto has unexpected expectations for Kamada.

Also, at half time,Sagan Tina」Showed off the dance with Aozora Yale and boosted the venue.

Sagantena shows dance with "blue sky ale" at half time - YouTube

If both teams are unable to score and return the first half, the time to be pushed into Shimizu S-Pulse will increase in the second half. However, Hayashi of GK, the guardian deity of Sagan Tosu, repeatedly saves the gods' save and Sagan Tosu managed to finish the game without any runs.

Highlights of the game can be seen from the following.

【Highlights】 Sagan Tosu × Shimizu S-Pulse "J1 League 2nd Section 10" - YouTube

Although Sagan Tosu failed to win at home, a warm applause was sent from Sagantino after the game.

The first thing I felt when I joined the "Stry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" is that "Anyone watching football at Beasta is exceptional!" Anyway the audience seats and the pitch are close, the presence of the game is not a humpa. In addition, the support of Sagantino was impressive, the supporters' voices never stopped ringing through the 90-minute game, and when they noticed it was enough to sneak up the chant with the surroundings.

Kurosawa, who appeared as a guest at the event, seems to be completely satisfied.

It was a complex feeling that such Sagantino was reacting to an animated collaboration event and mixed with uneasiness and expectation, but as the event began, every saganantino of the age and women gave a warm cheering and applause To the voice actors, I felt strongly that "It is a good supporter" as Mr. Kamimura said.

In addition, as we spinning around the stadium, we encountered Saganeto and producer who wore collaboration uniforms quite frequently, so we decided to go to the new Saganetino who visited Beasta for the first time by the event and the nobleman delemascore There is no doubt that many producers, such as old saganetino, who was waiting for this day at the event holding right now, are coming to Beasta. So, the producer "I have not watched football, but the event is worrisome ...", it seems good to visit the stadium once in a while, perhaps it may be drawn into the charm of Sagan Tosu .

2015/09/27 9:45 Addendum
The second game of 'Stryra ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage' was held on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

For the stadium visitors, two collaboration memorial postcards were presented as gifts.

Looking up, it looks like this. It is a postcard using illustrations used for visuals such as event posters.

The collaboration ticket of the second game is like this. This time there are 6 people in a row.

Also, the character of the idolmaster Cinderella Girls is descended around the stadium in the shape of a Sagan Tosu uniform.

It seems that the producer took a picture with this feeling.

It seems that it was installed beside the senior large panel of Sagan Tosu Eleven set in the park next to the stadium. I can not help feeling this chaotic ... ....?

Although collaborative goods were on sale this time as well, posters of "Stryra ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" gifts were given to the first 100 people who purchased over 5000 yen.

Matchday program also changed to a design different from the first race.

Furthermore, even in the second game, "Stry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" appeared on the electronic bulletin board behind the goal.

[Sagan Tosu] Best Amenity Stadium LED pitch board "Stry ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" - September 26, 2015 - YouTube

From another angle.

In addition, the victory was 0 to 1 victory of Van Foret Kofu. Sagan Tosu has been playing 12 consecutive games at home and a difficult situation continues, so we are expecting an explosion of offensive teams who have turned around their hearts around here and have continued misfire for three consecutive games.

【Highlights】 Sagan Tosu x Van Furet Kofu "J1 League 2nd Section 12" - YouTube

2015/10/18 9:00 Addendum
Furthermore, the final race of "Stryra ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" was held on October 17, 2015.

Commemorative sticker distributed to all visitors.

A collaboration ticket for 3 wars is like this.

In the fiercers who have participated in all three games of "Stryra ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage" and have three types of collaborative tickets, the drawing winning the uniform T-shirt won by the director Naomi Ozora, Kurosawa Tomoya, Haruka Kamura by lottery I was able to join.

Signed uniform T-shirt looks like this.

The final match match day program.

It is natural that some producers began to play the starlight stage on the Stryra ☆ Tosu ☆ stage.

In the final round of 'Stryra ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage', the girls unit 'Sagantenina' that excites Sagan Tosu danced a blue sky ale. The song is the version the character Satoru Wakiyama (CV: Yoshi Masa) from Saga Prefecture appearing in the idolmaster Cinderella Girls is singing.

[Sagan Tosu] Stryai ☆ Tosu ☆ Stage final match Mascot greeting ~ Sagantena jumps ♪ Aozora Yale - October 17, 2015 [Delemas] - YouTube

In addition, the game ended with a 0 - 0 draw and a frustrating result.

【Highlights】 Sagan Tosu × Nagoya Grand Pas "J1 League 2nd Section 14" - YouTube

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