I actually watched a game full of powerful scoring football in England

England has established the world's most popular sports "football" as a modern sport, and currently England has one of the world's best professional football leagues with over 1 billion people worldwide watching "Premier League"there is. One of that premier league teamArsenal FCWhenEverton FCIt is said that you can see the game in London, so I actually watched and checked the atmosphere of the real football and the stadium.

Home of Arsenal FCEmirates StadiumArrived at Arsenal Metro Station.

In front of Arsenal station there are stalls selling goods such as mufflers and flags.

I will aim at the Emirates · stadium by walking in residential area.

Arsenal station arrived at "BOX OFFICE" which is the ticket selling place of Arsenal FC in 2 to 3 minutes on foot. Although it rarely exists, when there is a ticket that is unsold, you can purchase tickets on the day even at "BOX OFFICE".

When I climbed the stairs next to BOX OFFICE, the stadium came into sight.

Arrival at the Emirates Stadium in about 10 minutes from Arsenal station.

Tony AdamsYaThierry HenryLarge signboards of old-fashioned experts like shoulder players.

Because there are nearly two hours to start the match, there are not many people around the stadium there.

Supported the golden age of Arsenal FCRobert PiresOn the outside wall of the stadium, such as athletes, pictures of famous players of the past years are displayed.

"Non-flying Dutchman"Dennis BergkampA statue of a player.

This is the southern entrance.

There is an official shop in the south entrance, you can purchase uniforms and mufflers.

It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to start the game, but I decide to enter the stadium.

Arsenal FC has adopted a system to enter with membership card, and tickets will not be issued except for special reasons. The price of the ticket fluctuated depending on the game, this time it was 42 pounds (about 7070 yen).

When entering, move to the reserved third floor seat by using the stairs.

When I climbed the stairs, I arrived at the area called "CLOCKEND" with seats.

There are still few people around the shops, and they are with Garan.

Directly to the seat while suppressing spiteful feelings.

When going out, a red seat and a green pitch appeared.

Sometimes 1 hour and 30 minutes before the start of the match, there are few spectators.

Even if I do not know the position of the seat, I will guide you carefully as you ask someone who is in the orange colored clothes all over the stadium.

I climbed the stairs and reached column 29.

The seat looks like this and there is a thin cushion on the back and the buttocks, so it seems okay if you sit for a long time.

A display is installed at the top of the third floor seat.

Until the game starts, you can move freely if you are within the area of ​​the seat you reserved and have no problem. However, it seems that there are times when you are told that you are photographing away from your seat although the game is starting.

When looking from near the front seat of the 3rd floor seat, there is a pitch close enough not to feel that you are on the 3rd floor.

First floor seat near the corner.

In the place where the director, coach, or player is in the game, someone who seems to be involved is chatting.

Inclination of the first floor seat and the second floor seat is loose, and the seat of the third floor seat is tight.

Before the game two goals were set up.

Seats with different colors are VIP exclusive seats.

One hour before the game started, the state of the past game was shown on the display at the top of the third floor seat.

Arsenal FC's mascot "Gunner Zaurus Rex" appears in the pitch, taking pictures with crowds and commemorative photos.

And Arsenal FC and Everton FC players started practicing on pitch. The seat is still in a state of sky.

Arsenal FC players warm up at the center of the running.

On the other hand, Everton FC players are moving their body around stretching.

When both teams came to the shop during the warm-up, many people were drinking while chatting. Basically, alcohol to the seat is prohibited at the Emirates Stadium. So, everyone seems to have drunk alcohol drinking before the game starts.

As the game began 30 minutes before the game started, water began to grow in pitch and the audience finally began to increase.

At 12:45 on the game start, Arsenal FC and Everton FC players showed up on the pitch and shook hands. The stadium is surrounded by big applause.

In addition, at the time of entering the players the players were introduced with a big announcement. You can check the situation from the movie below.

Arsenal FC and Everton FC players entrance - YouTube

Players from both teams were scattered in pitch and the game started.

At the beginning of the game, the stadium was almost full.

The game was a hot development.

Arsenal FC is the first goal in the first half just after the game started. I decidedMesto · Ezilplayer.

The audience also expresses joy in the whole body.

This man was thrusting his forefinger toward Everton FC supporter.

At the Emirates Stadium, the distance between the pitch and the audience is very close, and you hear the sound when players kick the ball. Especially players and audiences who kick corner kicks are close enough to reach, and a big cheering is sent from the audience to the players.

However, near the seat where the Everton FC fans came, there were times when unforgivable words were put on Arsenal FC players.

It is pretty impressive that the discerning audience in the home of Britain sends big applause to each fine play every time.

While he was doing it, Everton FCRomerle LukakuPlayers will score equal bullets and fans of Everton FC will be enveloped by excitement.

The state of the Everton FC supporter pleased can be confirmed from the following movie.

Everton FCFC supporters who are pleased with the goal - YouTube

A blue smoke cannon is thrown from the excited Everton FC supporter ......

Smoke is full in the surrounding area.

Arsenal FC's fans, with a tie equalized, were greatly applauding the players and inspiring the team.

There are spectators who stand up and leave their seats as early as 5 minutes before the first half.

And the end of the first half.

The audience leaves the seat all at once.

Supplies everyone 's beer during half time.

The player returned to pitch after finishing the half time of about 15 minutes.

Being late for the players Approximately one minute, the audience who finished beer supply also returned to the seat,

Arsenal FC from the front to the back, Everton FC attacks toward you in the second half of the game.

The game went on without a particularly big development, and the audience seems to be a bit bored.

When the game came in the middle of the second half, Arsenal FC coach Wenger rose.

AndYaya SanogoOn behalf of playersOlivier JillouPlayers are sent to the pitch.

A spectator who welcomes Jilloo with a big applause.

Also, when I went to the shops during the game, some people watched the game on beach with a monitor.

There are empty bottles of beer after drinking in the aisle.

And in the second half 21, Arsenal FC'sAlex ChamberlainA player is defeated within the penalty area and gains PK. The spectators are enveloped by the sway of delight.

I have transferred this PK from Everton FC to Arsenal FCMichael ArtetaThe players decided, the audience was very excited. The moment of goal was as if the stadium was shaking.

You can check the appearance of spectators who are delighted by Arteta's PK, from the following movie.

Arsenal supporters pleased with goal determined by PK - YouTube

Everton FC aims to reverseLeon Ozmanplayer·Eiden McGeadySend players to pitch.

From here the game flow leaned towards the home Arsenal FC and in the latter half 38 minutes Jiru who took turns got a goal.

Players and spectators were extremely excited at the third goal to thrust Everton FC.

The stadium filled with 59,719 spectators was enveloped in the big chorus of the supporting song "Hey Giloo" which changed the lyrics of the famous piece "Hey Jude" of the "Beatles" to the name of Jilloo.

The appearance that Arsenal FC supporters are singing Haye Giloo can be confirmed from the following movie.

Supporters singing supportive songs by praising the scorer Jilloo who scored - YouTube

Everton FC will also show off his attitude and will attack it ... ...

Jiro who scored earlier rocked the net again 4-1.

Arsenal supporters are delighted with the goal of deciding the game.

The audience sitting in the back of the third floor seat also stands up and praises the athlete.

Everton FC supporters began to leave their seat, sometimes three points were added in the second half.

Meanwhile, Arsenal FC supporter sang a cheering song with a muffler.

And the whistle at the end of the game rang.

Arsenal FC players are giving thanks to the supporters who cheered up to the end after the match, thanking them with applause.

Arsenal's players who start to pick up greetings at the audience seats.

The audience also starts returning all at once.

When I went outside the stadium, I heard Arsenal FC's cheering songs from here and there.

I decided to participate in FA Cup semi-finals, Arsenal FC supporter seems quite satisfying.

Although returning was extraordinarily crowded, it was a feeling that it was friendly even without any bad atmosphere.

Not only the football level of the home England level but also the unique atmosphere that the audience of the stadium produces is unique to the locality. Not only people who like football but also people who are not very interested in soccer can enjoy it.

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