The same as the sweet briquette The second race report "Ani × Saka !!" which the transcendental drama waited in 10 minutes just before the end

The collaboration project of animation and soccer started from 2015 is "Ani × Saka! It is!It should be memorable on Saturday, March 21The first eventWas held, and the supporters of each team and the animation fans were excited together. It seems to be thought that "Where is the connection between animation and football?" At the event, while animation supports football and football picks up animation, sometimes it is loose, sometimes hot and sometimes excites supporters in the stadium So Ani and Saka held on April 11 (Sat) 2015 to enjoy the unique atmosphere! It is! We have watched the game of Tokyo Verdi and FC Gifu which will be the second game.

4/11 (Sat) Battle of Gifu "Ani x Saka !!" Notice of Event Details «Tokyo Verdy / TOKYO VERDY

The game of Tokyo Verdi v. FC Gifu was held at Tokyo Verdi's home "Ajinomoto Stadium." The nearest station is the Keio Line Tobita station.

Go to the stadium on the road extending north from the north exit of the station.

To the gate in front of the stadium is the banner of "Welcome to the Tokyo Verdi home game!"

Speaking of Yancheng ... ....?

This is the entrance gate. The game started at 16 o'clock but it was possible to enter the stadium from 14:30.

Everyone of the Verdi supporters waiting for the stadium admission now whether long rows aligned with Zurari.

Joined in this row and entered the stadium together. Baggage inspection will be conducted at the entrance, so do not take anything you do not want to see.

A lot of people in front of the entrance gates when entering.

As I go through with this, Inagi Nagasu no Suzuki, the image character of Inagi City,I've been getting down lately recentlyJust Verdi, I made a cosplay of Sousen Do Isuzu appearing at the Chelsea Brilliant ParkTakibaAnd there was a muffle which is a signboard mascot of Chelsea Brilliant Park.

Four people (?) Are clamoring. I got Veldy's camera look.

Chelsea Brilliant Park two people are very popular this time too.

Muffle is quite Mohumovu.

Standing pose is also a shame.

Four people are quite popular so many people exchange and they take pashapasha with cameras and smartphones.

Three people, Mr. Verdi, Mr. Tachibana, and Muffle, are disheartening.

Verdi was playing with Mr. Tachibana, who attracted the attention of many supporters, and the moffle this time as well.

However, there are also scenes that are overpowered and punished.

I found a small matrix near such entrance gate.

Here the original collaboration can badge was sold. At the last event, the can badge of Senbou Isuzu was sold, but this time new ones of the lattice version are also on sale.

Furthermore, Ani × Saka! It is! Limited original can badge Mr. Verdy also adhered to the uniforms appealing.

Shinobu Inagi who is suddenly taken to somewhere during shooting. What on earth has become ... ....?

Ani × Saka! It is! The second game was a collaboration event with FC Gifu, so in the stadium there is an animation collaborating with FC Gifu "NorinThere was also a booth for. It is more popular than imagined.

In this booth, special products of Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture, which is the stage of Norin was sold.

I walked and walked in the stadium as it was.

Go through the gate of N-50 ......

The Tokyo Verdi supporter gathers the most Home has come to the back of the goal with free seat.

The entrance behind the goal is sparse. You can also say "you can sit in your favorite place".

Prior to the game, the Tokyo Verdi Cheer Performance Team "VENUS" excited the audience of the stand.

In addition, this time, under the Tokyo Verdi supporter, Mr. Uchiyama Uchiyama who played Yuzo Jiangxi Yuya who is the main character of "Chelsea Brilliant Park" and Yuki Fujii who played the role of Latifah · Furlanza appeared.

Walla Walla and people gathered and it is exciting with such stories as "Mr. Uchiyama and Mr. Fujii have watched soccer in the past at the stadium". In addition, Mr. Uchiyama looks at the game carefully at home, Ms. Fujii sometimes carried legs several times in the past to the stadium.

Mr. Verdi, Muffle, Mr. Tachibana, Naginosuke will not talk about anything in particular.

However, as for the miffle alone, there was a name in the special guest as "Lord Moffre".

When I was walking in the stadium, I found something I did not understand well until the game started. Is it a green supporter of Tokyo Verdy ...?

Here we were accepting reservations for replica uniforms collaborated between Chelsea Brilliant Park and Tokyo Verdy. Collaboration replica uniforms will be available at a later dateOfficial goods shopIt will also be available for purchase.

Other collaboration T-shirts ......

Collaboration goods such as collabomag · collaboration face towel · collaboration pennant etc are also being sold at the same time ... ...

In order to purchase these collaborative goods of these Chelsea Brilliant Park x Tokyo Verdi, a queue occurred.

Besides supporters of Tokyo Verdi, there are supporters of FC Gifu in the stadium.

Explore the stadium to purchase Latifah's croquettes and can badges sold out in the last 20 minutes.

It seems that it was not sold out yet ...

Get safe croquette safely!

Original can badge is set.

That's why I decided to eat. First of all, paculi "Latifah croquette" which contained three times as much beef as usual. The croquette is crispy and the clothes are crispy, together with the sweetness of the potatoes and the juicyness of the meat you can taste the blissful time. However, since chopsticks and hand-wearing are not attached, it seems necessary to prepare by themselves.

Smaller size croquettes than Oriental croquettes are orange croquettes and black tea croquettes.

This is Orange croquette, fried sweet rather than croquette, easy to eat easy for small children to be pleased.

The croquette of black tea is more fragrant than I imagined, the scent was black tea but it was a dish that disturbs the brain called croquettes when eating it.

This is a Matchday program that you can get on the day.

The predicted formation of both teams on the back.

That's why time for kick-off is getting closer to moment, and members introduction of FC Gifu began earlier.

Unlike anticipated stamen, former Japan national team goalkeeper Kawaguchi Nagi played as a stamen. Furthermore, it is Ramos Ruwei who will serve FC Gifu.

Followed by the players of Tokyo Verdi. This time, Mr. Takuaki Uchiyama who visited the stadium as a special guest gave a player introduction.

Introduction of Tokyo Verdi's players by Yuki Uchiyama of Yuzo Jyunishi, YouTube

The starting eleven of Tokyo Verdi is like this. Among them, will he be born today's game ......?

Before the game started, the supporters 'behind-the-scenes supporters' voltages were at their best.

The supporters who inspire the team with a towel muffler in both hands are different in age and sex. Although the size of the supporter may not be so big, you can feel that it is firmly rooted in the area.

There were many people who brought a collaborative towel muffler with Chelsea Brilliant Park.

So it was 16 o'clock and kicked off. A mofle appears on the electric bulletin board, and the likeness of collaboration with animation appears in such a small part.

Tokyo Verdi got a corner kick at the beginning 5 minutes. I have a blessed start.

Next I got a free kick. I feel something goal is going to be on today.

When I looked at the stand behind the goal, Mr. Verdy was cheering together with the supporters. It does not seem to care at all as it melts too naturally.

In such a trend, Hiroaki Nanba of FC Gifu will allow the first goal for the first half 14 minutes.

Two more points were added from there further in 13 minutes, and in the first half of 27 minutes it was a painful expansion of 0-3.

Still, from behind the goal you can continue singing songs that inspire the team.

And it quickly entered half time. Tokyo Verdi is a painful flow that can not return one point, but in the stadium there are Inagi Nagasuke, Muffle, Tachibana - san,Land dog· Verdi inspired the supporters, and a special message from Mr. Uchiyama and Mr. Fujii also sent a hot message saying "Chelsea Brilliant Park reversed at the end at the last minute so please do not give up on everyone!" It was.

The game resumes within that time. However, a scary scene is offside and it will not be a goal and a frustrating time will pass.

The number of visitors was announced in the latter half of 30 minutes. Where I want a goal anyway than anything else. Good luck Verdi.

And the long-awaited goal will be born on the side of Tokyo Verdi. Kazuki Hiramoto is the first in 39 minutes.

In the latter 43 minutes I got the second point as well. When you come to this place, the back of the goal also begins to ridicule, and the players of Tokyo Verdi say "Do you do something?" A mysterious feeling emerges and you can not take your eyes off the game.

The additional time is 5 minutes.

Get additional points!

But there is not enough time ......

And the appearance of the goal behind the corner kick that will be the last play in the latter 51 minutes is kore. The goal that will be a great reversal of the rain is decided from the last play, and the back of the goal is caught up in enthusiasm of sway.

Tokyo Verdy Reversal goal backstage moment - YouTube

And a brilliant victory. Veldi supporters were also very excited about the intense game development that I did not imagine.

I rush out in spite I ridiculously catch my eyes.

Lastly the supporters and the players of Verdy joined together to win the line dance.

After that, special guests Uchiyama and Mr. Fujii also appeared afterwards. Both players got excited with greetings to the supporters as it was a game expansion as the content told in half time.

In response to this, the supporter showed us a call to shout out Uchiyama, Mr. Fujii and Muffle with all the supporters and made the three guests happy.

The moment when a call calling for Yukiyoshi Fujii's name shining behind the goal behind Latifah got rolled up is like this.

"Yukiyo" call which happened after the game behind the goal - YouTube

I was able to relax the stadium comfortably while immersing in the victory of victory.

Ani × Saka! It is! In the second game, I was able to see Tirahora as a supporter wearing Collabor Goods and Collectibles of Sweet Castle Brilliant Park, and I realized that more anime fans came than the first race. In such a game, Tokyo Verdi, who is losing 0-3 until the latter half of the game just before the end of the game and makes a big reversal in the remaining 10 minutes, is a team that makes me feel that I have something after all. If both anime fans who were interested in soccer from the former and anime fans who were not interested can see the big reversal drama that is unimaginable in front of you, you should not be thinking "I was so much fun and next ..." , It seems that it is said that it was said that the game development took full advantage of the aim of the event. Also, the back of the goal of Tokyo Verdi is truly wonderful, by making efforts to make lyrics cards and support with old supporters, even new supporters can easily incorporate into support Even fans who went to the stadium for the first time can really watch football with fun. In addition, although the game kept 0-3, FC Gifu progressed overwhelmingly for a long time, but supporters of Tokyo Verdy were still constantly sending hot cheers to the team from behind the goals and their appearance was very impressive Even though thinking about the game result, I could not help feeling that "Supporters are really the 12th player" ....

The state of Tokyo Berdy vs. Mito Holy Hoc game which was the memorable first game of "Anima × Saka !!" can be checked by the following article.

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