"Norin" and FC Gifu collaboration plenty "Anima Saka !!" The 3rd round of the report, we have enjoyed a lot of stalls and events that we can not eat at all

J LeagueThe collaboration event of the affiliated professional soccer club and animation is "Ani × Saka! It is!So, animation and soccer clubs sell collaborative goods, and a little time before the game is excited with the power of animation, various collaboration projects will interlace. Ani × Saka! It is! The third race is held at J2 16th FC Gifu vs Mito Holy Hoc game, so the animation "Norin"It seems that it will be full of collaborations with them, so we have watched the event on what kind of event it actually is.

5/31 (Sunday) 18: 00vs Battle of Mito Holy Hock, Match Information | New Arrival Information | FC Gifu Official Site

【Ani x Saka! 3rd Round】 May 31st Notice of hosting a Urin Collaborative match of Mito warfare | New Arrival Information | FC Gifu Official Site

The situation of Petit Stadium DJ by Kanegami Tiger at Bio Suzuki's Suzuki Lamp and Money money reflected in the big vision before the game can be seen in the following movie.

Ani × Saka! It is! Before the game of the third game Petit Stadium DJ's situation - YouTube

◆ Collaboration contents that you can enjoy without going to the site
Contents that excite FC Gifu × Norin's collaborative match are prepared from before the match, and Short Shiro Shiratori who is the author of the light novel "Norin" short story "Agriculture and Forest Soccer" is released free of charge.

Special edition agricultural forest football
(PDF notice)http://ga.sbcr.jp/sp/norin/norin_soccer.pdf

◆ Field Reports
Ani × Saka! It is! The third game is a home game of FC Gifu, so it will be held at "Nagaragawa Stadium". The nearest station is JR Gifu station or Meitetsu Gifu station, but it seems to be nice to use the bus from the station because there is distance from either station.

JR Gifu Station is like this.

When you leave the ticket gate, follow the notice to the bus terminal in Nagara mouth.

At JR Gifu Station I found a Mito supporter that seems to have been expedited from afar.

When going from JR Gifu station direction to the Nagaragawa Stadium by bus, you can enter the terminal and timetable(PDF notice)HereIt seems good to check it in. There are several buses that go to near the Nagara river stadium, but this time we are going to the stadium on the "turn around the city loop" from the 11th turn.

Take this bus. There seems to be a wrapping bus for only one caricature collaboration in Gifu bus, but I could not see you this time.

Animation × Saka in the bus! It is! Discovered the announcement. To be exact, this is "Let's go to the stadium with Gifu bus to cheer FC Gifu!"With the in-car keyword of the campaign, if you tell this to the staff at the information booth of the stadium you will receive an original coaster.

In the case of "counterclockwise counterclockwise" riding from the 11th stop, the nearest bus stop of the stadium will be "Gifu Memorial Center North". The bus fare is 210 yen, but the boarding time is about 30 minutes.

As I follow the supporters who wore the FC Gifu uniform found at the bus stop ......

You can quickly discover the stadium.

This is the Nagaragawa Stadium.

In front of the stadium there is a lawn space called "San Sun Deck".

About the event to be held before the game was written on a big sign like this.

On the corner of the space before the stadium, the same day tickets are on sale.

The price of the ticket on the day is like this. Advance tickets can be purchased cheaply, but even today's tickets can buy the general of the backseat free home at 2200 yen including tax.

That's why I tried to sneak into the back seat of the home side this time.

Since it was about 15 o'clock three hours before the start of the game that many events started, so we came up to the stadium just before 15 o'clock, but the sale of Norin collaborative goods started at 12 o'clock pattern.

Collabor Goods Many people gathered in Walla Walla before the sale tent.

Collaborative goods sold here are collaboration star saver · collaboration towel muffler · egg rice dish set from the left. The egg rice dish set had already sold out at 15 o'clock.

Collaboration Towel muffler is in the bag of the Norin design ... ...

The design looks something like this. A young man occupied decadeca and space, and there were many supporters who wound this collaboration towel muffler around his neck.

Collabo star saver is such a design. It is an illustration of Kinoshita Ringo wearing a uniform of FC Gifu.

In addition, he found a collaboration T - shirt. As well as the towel muffler the main design of young master.

A supporter wearing this collaboration T - shirt also saw a chilla hora in the stadium.

Other, FC Gifu × Norin's collaborative can batch was sold.

I'm going to try it.

I got a can batch with illustrations of Nakazawa agriculture, written as "Chance!

In addition to the collaborative goods selling tent, "Norin" is also participating in the music game "Miracle Girls Festival'Screening of PV & Yuka Grass Wall Life-size Panel was also exhibited.

There was a lawn park beside the sale of collaborative goods, and some people were killing time to start the game while playing football here.

I also found an official shop of FC Gifu.

Ramos ... ....

A lot of stalls are lined up in the passage extending to the stadium next to the lawn park, and it is a petit festival state.

From the "Hida beef boiled" where the petit queue was made, it is a good scent of meat.

I bought Hida beef skewers (400 yen per book) because I was scooped by my appetite.

When eating with Pakuri, we were able to enjoy soft beef in a completely different dimension from the beef skewer that comes out at the stalls of ordinary festivals.

This "Chicken-Chan-yakisoba" "Chicken-chan fried chicken" is also very popular.

I bought chicken-chan fried noodles. Chopsticks bag is FC Gifu specification, it reminds me that we came to watch football.


When eating it actually, there is not much juicy chicken but it is soft enough to bite off easily. The sauce used for yakisoba is sweet and finished in a taste easy for children to eat.

A fairly large number of people are gathered in the stall village and this person enters even more than one hour before the start of the game.

Ani × Saka! It is! Second raceBut it was collaboration special product of Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture.

Coincidentally I saw a mysterious green man.

Besides, the donation bus was stopped in a corner of the stall village and I was seeking cooperation for blood donation.

If you cooperate with blood donation you can get the following two collaboration posters. The first one is Ani × Saka! It is! A poster for notifying the game.

The second poster is an original collaboration poster of "Norin × blood donation" that was held in 2014.

Furthermore, after blood donation you can also get original bookmarks of Norin collaboration.

A big crowd in the stall village.

Here, the "Wiesel Airborne Battle Car" produced by the group making plastic model 1/1 was on display.

It also showed us the performance of launching a PET bottle rocket attached to the car body.

From the rocket launcher you can also fire PET bottle rockets and boost the supporters who came to watch the game.

I also found a light tiger with a sticker stuck in a stall in a stall village.

The logo of "Anima Saka !!" in the number part.

Narin 's key visual was stretched on the platform part.

I am entering the stadium after enjoying the event which was held outside the stadium.

The front entrance is here.

Ticket tickets will be needed when re-entering the stadium so let's put them in your pockets securely.

Buckle seat turns left at the front entrance straight as it is.

The back seat (home side) is like this.

Ani × Saka! It is! As a result of the third game, "Norin" "Girls & Panzer" logo was projected as decadeca on the screen.

On the stand there is a grassy lying bed space ......

There are two types of chairs, so you can watch at your favorite places.

It is OK even if you watch the match as if you were lying on the lawn like this.

The most supporters on the home side were near the corner of the back stand. If you want to send a hot cheer by voicing your voice, you can go around here if you go.

Looking at the ground side from the back of the goal is like this. Since there is a track track, there is a slight distance to the ground.

People are also gathering on the main stand.

In the bag that I got when I entered the stadium ......

There was a Matchday program included. On the cover is the character of "Norin collaboration match".

Supporters wearing the Norin collaboration uniform are also cila. Because the character of Norin is drawn with exquisite size, if the person who understands it becomes "It is Natarin fan!", It is distinguished from the regular version of the uniform as seen from unknown people Level that it does not catch. ,

Players will appear at the ground for warming up a few minutes before the game starts.

And introduction of players started. Firstly from the introduction of the players of away trip Mito Holy Hook.

Petit Stadium DJ started suddenly by Norin character before FC Gifu player introduction

With Bio Suzuki ......

Money money above appears and excites the stadium.

The state of the two Petit Stadium DJs can be seen in the following movies.

Ani × Saka! It is! Before the game of the third game Petit Stadium DJ's situation - YouTube

After that, athletes on FC Gifu side were introduced.

Introduction of FC Gifu players can be seen in the following movies.

Introducing FC Gifu players like this - YouTube

Just before the game started.

A small supporter shaking a small flag mixed with adults.

Entry of players "Norin" specification

It seems that there are quite a few people because the stadium is small.

That's why the game started.

This population density is near the corner.

There was a vacancy on the main stand side.

At the home of Tokyo Verdi, the characters of the Chelsea Brilliant Park appeared on the screen, but at the home stadium of FC Gifu it will be displayed like this when bio Suzuki of "Norin" and money money gets an opportunity.

Then suddenly the goal at the start 17 minutes! FC Gifu is the first race.

Supporters who share joy.

Such a joy also returns shortly, one point is returned by haste and the game returns to the one-on-one start of sale.

And the first half end as it is. FC Gifu was pushed by Mito Hoaryy Hock from time to time, occasionally creating opportunities from counters, but the goal is far away.

Promotion of Norin × blood donation campaign flowing during half time.

Then, Norin light tiger appears in the stadium. .

This was running around the stadium.

The sun is falling and the light is on the main stand.

The second half started. In the second half, the attack on the FC Gifu side also increased, especially the cross from the deeply gouged side of the left side grew several times, but the goal can not be broken open easily.

Although the moon came out, the supporters' voices never ceased from the stadium.

During the game, some fireworks came up for some reason. What on earth were they ...?

Just before the game is over, FC Gifu pushes in considerably and continues the attack. Why do not you push in and make a cheap chance ... ....

Eventually the game ends without taking additional points. Although it was a funny development which one won, if it watches the whole game, it was a disappointing result, as FC Gifu got offensive in the final stage and produced a scene of 1 point so many times.

Bio Suzuki and Money money over Petit Stadium DJ were broadcasted even after the game was over. In the stadium there were a lot of supporters with Norin and FC Gifu collaborative goods so supporters who visited the stadium for the first time due to this collaboration event got through to the supporters of FC Gifu through the street of the announcement It may be said that the event was a huge success, if it comes.

Ani × Saka! It is! Announcement flowed after the third game match - YouTube

The front entrance after the game is crowded with such feeling. Until I return home it is Ani × Saka! It is! So please take care and return home.

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