What is the "eye-catching eye" method that the downtown chose for "stamp eradication"?

It is said that it seems to be nice to say that it is said that it is good to tell the story of a tavern and a club where the club is built. It is a landscape of "standing" where you do not have to worry about peeing. It may be a pleasant thing for the principal, but it is a big thing for the side who is putting on a psoriasis. In the famous German red light district "Sankt Pauli district", attempts are made to eradicate standing by applying ingenuity on the wall, because it will also be negative for the landscape of the city.

In Hamburg's St. Pauli, it's peeback time | Visit Germany | DW.DE | 05.03.2015

The method taken in "Stamp Eradication Campaign" held in Sankt Pauli area is summarized in the following movie.

St. Pauli pinkelt zurück // St. Pauli Peeback - YouTube

St. Pauli is a city in the northwestern part of GermanyHamburgIt is a district in.

Especially in St. Pauli, a red light district also called "the world's most sinful mile"Reaper burnIs also famous worldwide. Hamburg once flourished as a port town, and it is said that some of the most entertainment areas in Germany have developed.

Speaking of what people do when they get drunk with alcohol. ...


Jorojiro and not being around.

In Sankt Pauli district has been suffering from standing for many years. What kind of psychology works and where the victims of standing are subject to concentration tends to concentrate, especially for those living in such places, it is a big problem.

A woman resented as saying, "It is really frustrating to pee here and there."

There was a woman saying "There are people who pee at children's places to play, they are very angry."

Long ago, in a parody of anime "Youkai Human Bem" "♪Hidden in the darkness StuttgartAs was the case that there was something like that, the standing is done in places we can not see. Therefore, it seems that there was a problem that it would not be effective well even if taking preventive measures.

So I threw in "Ultra Ever DryPaints called. It is a marvelous water repellent paint that protects every material from dirt by repelling dirt such as water, oil and mud with nanotechnology effect.

The worker paints Ultra Ever Dry with spray on "standing point" ...

Do not Pee Here! We Pee Back. (Do not stand here I will call you back.

We have processed everywhere in the city.

In the concrete block on the screen, the state where Ultra Ever Dry is painted on the right side as seen. When applying green water, you can see how much water is absorbed on the left side of the unprocessed side while water flows down in the state of the ball on the right side.

By painting this Ultra Ever Dry on the wall, it is aimed at returning all the hucked pee to the principal.

A man who does not know anything, approaches the standing point.

At that moment when we began standing "Fuu ... ..."!

A man who flutters in a hurry with "Wow! As the usual piss that flows along the walls bounced back to himself, it looks like he is in a panic.

A man who walks away only as "What is it ...?". I think that pee will bounce back in the same way next time, you may not feel like standing outside for quite a while.

The group that is doing this attempt,IG St. PauliJulia Staron of St. Pauli Interest Group ("Sankt Pauli Interest Group") said, "Please note that Sankt Pauli will return you to peace in the future."

The movie showing the effect of Ultra Ever Dry is here. It might seem that it would be better to stop standing at Sankt Pauli, but of course people in troubled standing in Japan may be useful.

The Official Ultra-Ever Dry Video - Superhydrophobic coating - Repels almost any liquid! - YouTube

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