"Anima and Saka!" Anime characters rush into the soccer stadium and collaborate and they collaborate. "I saw how the first round fight

Tokyo Verdy,Mito Holy Hook,FC GifuThree teams belonging to J2 say "Chelsea Brilliant Park"Girls und Panzer"Norin"And collaborate with each other, a project to hold a collaboration match between anime and soccer when each other's club competes"Ani × Saka! It is!"is.

The three teams of Tokyo Verdi, Mito Holy Hock and FC Gifu had promoted collaboration planning with animation separately separately, but let's hope to further strengthen this three new teams This event. The game of Tokyo Verdi vs. Mito Holy Hook, which will be its first game, was held on Saturday, March 21, 2015, so I actually went to the site and saw how it looked.

3/21 (Saturday) Mito war "Ani x Saka !!" Notice of Event Details «Tokyo Verdy / TOKYO VERDY

The game between Tokyo Verdi and Mito Holy Hook was held at Ajinomoto Stadium, the home of Tokyo Verdi.

The nearest station is the Keio Line Tobita station. It is about 5 minutes on foot from North Exit.

The ceiling of the slightly stadium is also visible from the north entrance of the station.

Walk north from main entrance from north entrance ......

When I go up the stairs where there is a signboard of FC Tokyo ......

Arrived at Ajinomoto Stadium.

There is a stadium in Chofu City, but I found a climb that says "everyone in Yancheng, Welcome!" This is the name of a fictitious city that is the location of Chelsea Brilliant Park. From the unknown person it ends with "Is there such a city?", But this is also a collaboration with an obvious anime.

Looking at Ajinomoto stadium from near, it is like this.

The time of kick-off was 13 o'clock, but before 11 o'clock this long line was completed. What lined up here is a member of Tokyo Verdi's fan club, and preliminary entry started at 11 o'clock.

The entrance gate is like this, and baggage inspection and ticket check are carried out for each person.

And in the back of the gate is a doubtful person (?) Shadow ... ....

When I tried to zoom in with the camera, I found a moffle.

Prior entrance of fan club members starts, people will enter the stadium one after another.

In the back you will be in charge of Muffle, a signboard mascot of Chelsea Brilliant Park and stage events etc. at Tokyo Verdi's home gameTakibaMr. Souso Dozo's cosplay and greet visitors ...... Has done.

General visitors waited a while because it was an entry from 11:30.

In the row of visitors, Tokyo Verdy collaborated last year.To Aru Kagaku no RailgunI found a person wearing a uniform.

When I have entered the baggage check and check tickets ......

Before the entrance gate there was a group of people surrounding the mascot of Tokyo Verdi, Verdi, Mr. Tachibana who did a cosplay of Chi Doo Isuzu, Muffle, Inascast City mascot "Inagi Nasushinosuke".


Taste Mikuru and Mr. Tachibana from the gap.

Four people (?) I was able to shoot without any problems.

It seems to be stinging up to posing.

Muffle did not show me the agile movement as in the animation.

Verdi who disturbs Mr. Tachibana.

Although it is the first battle of the collaboration project, already the combination is preeminent pattern.

From the person of "I'm distributing lyrics cards" ......

You can get a lyrics card with lyrics of support chant. If you look at this card, even people who came to watch the game for the first time at the stadium will be able to participate happily in support.

In the back of such four people collaborative goods were sold quietly.

What I can get here is a "bamboo can" batch that I wear a uniform of Tokyo Verdy drawn for "Anima Saka !!".

Verdi was calling out to each buyer of the can batch.

I will go through the gate and aim for the concert walking in the concourse inside the stadium.

In Concourse, regular Tokyo Verdy goods are also on sale.

Replica uniforms are 12,500 yen, but T-shirts can be purchased for 2,500 yen.

There are also several other eating and drinking establishments so you will not have trouble with food and drink.

Home The free seat is like this.

Since it is about 2 hours to start the game, the seating is sparsely filled.

At the collaboration event today, a kick-in ceremony was held, and it seems that Miffle will be responsible for that big role.

"Anima - Saka !!" In the first game, Charlie Castle Brilliant Park character is in charge of the announcement inside the site, a total of 4 original announcements will be held.

Looking at the back of the goal on the side of the home from the back of the goal side is like this.

The inside of the stadium looks like the following, and the theme songs of Chelsea Brilliant Park and Girls & Panzer are used for BGM in the site.

"Ani × Saka !!" Inside the Ajinomoto Stadium in the first game - YouTube

After 12 o'clock, the awards' supporters have increased in the stadium one after another.

Mito support which carries on the back. Girls & Panzer has a uniform sponsorship contract with Mito Holy Hook in the 2015 season, and since we also sell original replica uniforms, there were a lot of supporters carrying Shinkansen marks.

Goods sale on the Mito Holy Hook side has also been carried out away from home ... ...

A collaboration replica uniform was marked with a huge vanity mark on his back.

On the sleeve part of the collaboration replica uniform, you can choose from five types of emblems, such as the rabbit's team and the turtle team, where your favorite thing was printed.

There was also a collaboration calendar.

On the back of the goal before the game was "Anima Saka !!" logo was displayed as don.

Do not forget the announcement of "Anima Saka !!" ... ....

Home's Tokyo Verdi collaborates with Chelsea Brilliant Park and the animation's opening movie is played on a huge screen in the stadium and the animated character's appearance characters Kanji Erizai, Seno Isuzu, Latifah Fluelanga 3 Inside the place announced by people was shed.

The collaboration announcement which actually flowed in the stadium feels as follows.

Tokyo Verdi x Chelsea Brilliant Park collaboration announcement - YouTube

The kickoff time gradually approached, and the players started practicing in the pitch.

There are more and more people in the stadium.

Especially since many supporters gather behind the goal on the home side, if you want to enjoy the powerful support by Verdi supporter, go here. You can enjoy the game at the stadium.

Also, as various foods are sold in the stadium, you can buy them and watch the game while drinking chill and drinking.

Roast beef to eat at the Ajinomoto Stadium with a sense of opening is also exceptional.

Until just before the kickoff, Mr. Tachibana and Muffle responded to photography while being surrounded by many people in front of the entrance gate.

When the kick-off comes near, a moffle appears on the pitch.

Next, members introduction of Mito Hollyhook started. BGM obviously uses the opening theme of Girls & Panzer 'DreamRiser'.

Furthermore, the player of Tokyo Verdi by Kanji Jiyanishi who is the hero of the animation "Chelsea Brilliant Park" and also the manager of Chelsea Brilliant Park was introduced.

Introduction of Tokyo Verdi players by Chelsea Brilliant Park Manager - YouTube

The side of the goal of the home side where it gets excited suddenly just before the game starts.

Kick in ceremony started next.

Muffle appearing in pitch.

And unexpectedly kicked the ball and kick in ceremony ended. I did not kick it before ...

And kick off.

Every time Tokyo Verdi got a corner kick or a free kick during the game, characters of Chelsea Brilliant Park appeared on the screen.

With such a game going forward, Tokyo Verdi is going ahead in the second half. What decided the goal is to have a figure partner contract with Kotobukiya (a contract to have a favorite figure gifted each time a score is decided)Akira Ibiriplayer. Iba is a person like the main member of "Ani × Saka !!" who was also present at the press conference of "Ani × Saka !!". No doubt that Ibiri himself decides his goal in the first game of that "Anima Saka !!" ... ....

The goal behind the first goal was greatly excited.

In the latter 84th minute, Bruno Cuccinho decided one point of pushing and finally 2 vs. 0 Tokyo Verdy won.

You can check the highlight movies of the match from the following.

【Highlights】 Tokyo Verdi x Mito Holy Hook "J2 League Chapter 3" - YouTube

Irijima who decided the final point received a hero interview ... ...

With a contract with Kotobukiya it is easy for you to get one figure.

After the game, players, Verdi and Moffre joined together and greeted the supporters behind the goal.

After that, I thought whether everyone should leave the stadium together, and all the people of the fan club began picking up garbage at the stadium.

Before leaving the stadium, if you thought about eating "Latifah croquette" which Chelsea Brilliant Park and Croquet Saigyotei collaborate with, it has already been sold out and you miss it.

In addition, it seems that you could get the original can batch where Latifah was drawn when you purchased the croquette.

Children are missing Muffle near the gate of the stadium ......

The figure of a person taking a commemorative photo with Verdi and Tachibana is also a thriller.

In addition, when the participating team and Tokyo Verdi play against each other, "Tokyo Verdi x Sugar Castle Brilliant Park Collaboration Planning Ticket" that you can get a collaborative towel muffler & original design ticket with Chelsea Brilliant Park It is sold, next will be held against April 11, 2015 against FC GifuThis ticket can be purchasedIt has become.

This time, "Anima and Saka !!" As a result of the first battle, some people are visiting the stadium to look forward to collaboration events, others who do not understand well but do not take a picture so it seems interesting, but people who do not even look at it at all The reaction varies widely. Still, as a whole, people who are not interested in animation are watching the event with warm eyes, and it was content that you can expect from the future development of the project "Anima Saka !!" It was.

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