A must-see for people living in the jungle, a way to make a house with trees, earth, stone and your own hands only

In the modern age when many things have become mechanized and digitalized, less things are made by hand, but when you are standing in a situation where there are no tools, the only thing you can count on is your hands and body. YouTube has published "How to make a comfortable house with floor heating using trees, earth and stone and your own hands" that seems to be useful at such time, there is no loss after seeing once for a moment It is content.

Building a tiled roof hut - YouTube

So, the movie starts from the place where a man naked in upper body makes stoneware.

Hitting the stoneware made on the tree ... ....

Kill beat down and secure wood to make home from now.

It is completely different from modern society.

First of all I will set up a pillar.

Apply stoneware to another wood, beat with a conch ... ...

Drill a hole.

By inserting another piece of wood into the hole, we will build wood more and more.

Next, a man who is thin like a vine, who breaks a soft branch.

Fix the wood by putting it ......

Apparently it seems that he was making a skeleton of the roof part.

Fixed with a fly further.

The skeleton part is complete with this.

Next, mix the soil and water to clay and ...

I will drill a hole with fingers and fingers.

It looks like a lotus root.

Digging a hole ......

Put a flat stone on top of it.

I put a lotus root shaped clay board on the hole, apparently it seems that the hole is too big to fit well.

So pierce the ground beside it and pour water.

When kneading soil with water, it changes to clay.

We will reinforce around the hole with clay ......

This time the clay board seems to be completely fitted.

Also surround the clay plate with mud.

Piling up mud ...

What I was making was, Kamado.

The fire is burning quietly inside.

Next time I will crush the solid soil plate with stone.

Mix with water, also like clay.

Scrambled with a stick gongon ......

It kneads and kneads and kneads it a lot.

I broke a thin branch ... ...

I will put a crease in it.

When folding along with creases along the fold ... ...

With this feeling, it became a rectangle.

In the rectangle I don the clay I made earlier.

Unfold and repeat the work ... ....

A considerable amount of clay board was completed.

I will dry this.

And in the cook we made earlier.

It is like this.

I will put on a lid.

When you burn the oven ......

The stone board which I was using as a lid is black.

It seems that it is quite hot from the inside.

When the furnace cools down, take out the clay board inside ... ...

I will line up on the roof. In other words, making the clay board was made of roof tiles. According to the male of the producer, the roof made from palm leaves is quickly deteriorated due to moisture and wormholes, and when the fire moves the fire will occur, so the tile roof is better.

The clay board has claws like claws, which are supposed to be caught successfully in the skeleton part of the roof.

Slurry and baked clay boards line up.

After that, I will repeat this work just to make roof tiles that will cover the roof.

Baking a clay plate ......

Line up.

Knock on the earth.

Burning ......

I will line up.

As I repeatedly worked, most of the roof was covered with roof tiles.

Finally, slightly different from the previous one, we will place a square shaped clay on top of the tree trunk.

This will make a bent clay plate. The top part of the roof should be covered with a bent clay plate, because rainwater will not flow well and it will leak out.

I also baked it in the oven ......

I will softly place it on the top of the roof.

Put the middle one from inside the house ......

We will adjust the position from outside using tree branches.

A fine roof has been completed.

Looking at the whole house looks like this.

From before.

In addition, I will get a stone board from now.

Arrange the stone plates so as to surround the house ......

I will pile up.

Next we will dig a long hole in the middle of the house. If you are looking forward to what it is ... ...

A man began to cover the hole with a stone board.

Like this.

Mug around the stone boards ... ...

I will bake with flames.

In the morning smoke has risen.

In the second half of the baking process, close one of the tunnels under the floor.

As I tried to drip the water on the stone board, it sounded as if it was a heated frying pan, and the water evaporated.

However, it seems that the middle one is not hot, and it gets down lying down and a break time. Apparently, the underfloor fire plays a role as heating and it seems to be a mechanism to spend comfortably even if the temperature becomes low at night.

When the baking work finishes, dig a big hole next to the house.

Pour water ......

Kitten. It looks like I made clay again.

This time I brought clay directly to my house.

Line up stones ......

Place the clay on the stone and make the wall.

On the wall you will also find parts that you do not understand like pet's mouth.

This also repeats the work of making clay alone → arranging stones → hardening with clay, increasing the walls steadily.

Finally put the clay on top of the two lined wood ... ...

The wall is nearly finished.

Then create rectangular parts using wood.

If you put this in a rectangular hole drilled in the wall ......

Openable door is completed.

I can not believe that I made it from scratch by hand, everywhere I look is a perfect house.

The fire is burning under the house ... ...

Smoke is coming up from the mouth which we made earlier. Apparently it seems to be playing the role of chimney. By continuing to burn the fire, it also plays a role of drying the clay.

Then the man reached out the sap.

Put the sap at the tip of the branch of the tree, transfer the flame burning under the house and create a torch.

A man who enters the house with a torch.

The inside looks like this.

Light was leaking from the door.

So in the 102 days from May 15th to August 30th, we succeeded in building a house completely with only the materials we got from our hands and the forest.

The blog called Primitive Technology also discloses how to make various things in a primitive way, such as how to make a cabin roof house and how to make stoneware, and the airplane crashing on an uninhabited island When you get lost in the jungle, you can get knowledge that is likely to be useful in emergency situations.

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