Looking back at the artistic animation Brazilian World Cup 2014

Artist living in LondonRichard SwarbrickMade by a unique touch, the animation image of Brazil World Cup 2014 is "World Cup Animation"is. While artistically illustrated, the movements of the athletes have been reproduced very beautifully and finished in a movie that can be revived once in four years held in 2014.

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The first match of the Brazil World Cup in 2014 was a match between the host countries Brazil and Croatia, Brazil won the Croatia delegate with a 3: 1 victory and started a good start.

World Cup Animation 2014 Day 1. Brazil v Croatia (Richard Swarbrick) @ RikkiLeaks - YouTube

The memorable opening goal was the score of the Brazil national team.

Go through the keeper's hands, hit the goal post and goal in.

It was Brazilian representative Ace who decided the goalNeymarplayer. It's amazing to be able to reproduce the players' face well so far though only a few lines are drawn.

The Oscar player of the number 11, who decided Brazil's third point in this game,

It is delicate but carries the ball with dribbling ......

Pull out between the two opponents ...

I decided the goal with a small toe kick shoot as it was.

On the second day of the tournament, a game against the Spain against the Netherlands was held, which is a battle between the strong countries. These two teams also fought in the 2010 South Africa World Cup Final, and at that time the Spain representative won the Netherlands national team at 1: 0 at the end of the extension game, so what will be the competition this time Although it attracted a lot of attention, the Spain representative was defeated by a one - to - five victory in November and called for a big topic.

World Cup Animation - Spain 1 Holland 5 (Richard Swarbrick) @ RikkiLeaks - YouTube

The following goal was the most noteworthy among such games. Holland representative Robin van Persie reacted to the long pass sent from the left side of the pitch ... ...

Running straight and diving head.

Spain's goalkeeper also became a super goal that can not react. Because it was a diving head that is too brilliant, I used pictures of van Persie at diving head all over the worldCollage imageIt has evolved into a strange situation that it will become popular.

After the goal it is Gattsuri High Touch with Director Van Haar, the then Dutch coach.

One of the teams that got talked about in the Brazilian World Cup in 2014 is the American national team. In the group league, the American national team became the same group as Germany, Portugal and Ghana, passing through the group league second place with a score of 1 wins, 1 division 1 loss with the thought that it might be difficult to break through qualifying. Especially the American Fever in the mainland of the United States is awesome, 20 million Americans watching the game using streaming service etc. in the game which became the final round of the group stage,Labor productivity equivalent of 682 million dollars is lostAnd New York State Governor Andrew CuomoExtension of state official's lunch break by 1 hourI made it possible to watch games.

USA World Cup Animation 2014 (Richard Swarbrick) @ RikkiLeaks - YouTube

The goal that the American delegation first decided at the Brazil World Cup was 29 seconds after the first match against Ghana.

American representative Clint Dempsey dribbled with dribbling ... ...

Invading the opposite of the goal before going around the reverse of Ghana's defender.

And shoot calmly.

Although the opponent keeper stumbled and reacted, the hand did not reach the ball, and the ball was sucked into the goal as it was.

Dempsey player giving a shout.

By the way Dempsey's looks like this. Looking at the picture below, the illustration shows how well you capture the characteristics of a person with just a few lines.

ByErik Drost

Besides, Tim Howard who is the goalkeeper of the American national team, in the first game against the Belgian game of the finals tournamentRecord the largest number of 16 games saved in the World Cup historyIt attracted a lot of attention.

World's best players Lionel MessiArgentina national team to belong to won the Brazil World Cup till the final. Regretfully I missed the championship but Ace 's Messi players scored the goal in all three group leagues and led the team to the finals tournament.

World Cup Animation - Lionel Messi 2014 (Richard Swarbrick) @ RikkiLeaks - YouTube

Animation brilliantly the goal that Messi players decided against Argentina's first game against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dribble in front of the penalty area in parallel with the goal and dodge opponent ... ...

Shoot immediately as soon as there is a space.

The ball goes through a position out of reach of the goalkeeper.

From a different angle, the moment of shooting is like this. The size of the illustration and the sense of distance of the athlete are also expressed brilliantly due to the degree of blurring.

Speaking of Argentina national uniforms, this white and light blue vertical stripes.

It was the reason why the Japanese delegation was knocked down to the bottom of the world at the Brazil World CupColombia national teamIn particular, Hamez · Rodriguez who became the tournament king leader, had been flown into the game from the second half and changed the flow all at once. Even in other games, Rodriguez has done a decisive job over and over again, becoming a star player who gets noticeable from all over the world. The goal which was most shocking among the goals decided by such Rodriguez player has been animated.

World Cup Animation - James Rodríguez Wondergoal (Richard Swarbrick) @ RikkiLeaks - YouTube

Colombia's representative's number 10 is Rodriguez.

The path of the floating ball which flew in the game against Uruguay in the first game of the finals tournament ......

Chest trap.

And while rotating the body to the right ......

Shoot as it is.

Looking from another angle this way. After trapping ... ....

Shoot immediately.

After that, became a representative of Colombia representativeGoal PerformanceShow.

In the semifinals of the Brazil World Cup, Brazil national team candidate Brazil representative and German national team crashed, Brazilian representative suffered a historical defeat in 1 to 7. It is not an exaggeration to say that the biggest shock of the Brazil World Cup is this game, but when Swarbrick animates it, that goal scene will look like this.

World Cup Animation: Brazil 1 - 7 Germany (Richard Swarbrick) @ RikkiLeaks - YouTube

The first point is from a corner kick.

Thomas Muller, who was quietly waiting for the ball outside the position where the Brazilian players gathered ... ...

Fit your feet with cloth.

It was Veteran Miroslav Klose who decided the second point. Once the shot was hampered by the goalkeeper, he pushed the bouncing ball into the goal as it was.

The third point is that the crossroads crossing the side flowing from the side are kicked directly into the goal by Kroos.

The fourth point is Close player.

The fifth point is ...

It was Kedira player.

And the last seventh was the goal of Surrele.

The Brazilian representative Afro is trying to block the shoot, David Ruiz, a charm point. There are not many Afro football players, but since there were several Afro players among the Brazilian players, it seems difficult to distinguish which player is the only hair style.

Surrey player of Guts pose.

And the following movie is an animation that summarizes the whole Brazilian World Cup 2014.

2014 World Cup Animation (Richard Swarbrick) @ RikkiLeaks - YouTube

Hamez · Rodriguez showed up in Japan against Colombia ... ...

After taking the opposite of Yoshida players ... ...

Loop shoot. It was the fourth goal I decided for Colombia.

In Australia against Netherlands, the path of floating balls sent from behind ... ...

A surprising goal of direct kicking into the goal was born.

It was Australian national football player who decided this goal.

Other scenes that became a topic in the convention are rarities that happened in Italy versus Uruguay. That rarity is Uruguay's representative's number 9 ... ...

I got into the other player with Gabri.

When a batted player collapses ......

Somehow the bitter person also collapses with them.

And, it is the end that appeals as "teeth hurt!" Uruguay's representative Luis Suarez, who performed the violent act of "biting" to the opponent during the game,Discontinue playing nine games from the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and forbid all activities related to football for four monthsWas issued.

And the final goal scene is the German national team's Mario Gheze shooter who got the final goal of the World Cup.

From the chest trap ... ....

Shoot as it is.

I led the team to victory with a splendid goal in the second half of the extension.

And at the end are German national teams holding trophies.

Every time in the World Cup there is some turbulence, the top team of the winner is lost in the group stage, the unexpected team wins the tournament in a stroke, young players are running up the stairs to the star at a stroke Even if that player is bitten, and every ten shots are kicked, everything is saved in the goalkeeper, and if the fight does not start anyway, what is going to happen is absolutely unknown to anyone, the competition does not know Even though I recalled it after I finished it was a lot of peculiar scenes and rare scenes as I thought, "There were various World Cups this time ...".

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