Misudo popular Zakuzaku Donut revived for the first time in 6 years so I tried eating with the new donut

A new donut containing plenty of maple syrup in the doughMaple stick"And a crispy texture donut that gained popularity after being released in 2009"Cookie Kruller"Has been added to the lineup of Mr. Donut since September 1, 2015. When I actually went to buy at a store, some of the cookie crew or Maple stick was sold out and it was almost impossible to purchase all the items at one store at once, so eat it all at once I checked the reason.

Maple stick, cookie crewler | New product | Mister donut

So, I bought a new donut with Mr. Donuts.

A lot of donuts in the box.

That's why it looks like this. The left is a new maple stick, the right is a resurrected cookie crew.

Maple sticks are plain (right), sugar (left), cinnamon (back).

That's why I try to eat it from maple stick's "plain".

Maple stick size is about this compared with iPhone 6.

Having this in your hands, you can eat without rubbing your hands because there is wrapping paper.

The surface of the fabric looks like this looks like an old fashioned like this, but when you eat it actually you are surprised outside, the inside is fluffy.

Fold it in two ... ...

You can see that Maple Syrup is soaked inside. Plain has the most crispy feeling in maple sticks, a maple sauce that seeps in plenty inside spreads a little in the mouth It is a very simple taste donut.

Next is Pakuri 'Sugar' with plenty of sugar on plain.

Plenty of powdered sugar is topped, but it tastes easy to eat, not as sweet as it looks when eating. Although the feeling of diligence is diminished, from the inside of GIGAZINE editorial department also the voice saying "I like the individual personally".

Of course, if the maple syrup is fully embedded in the sugar, if you want to feel a sweet taste better than the plain it is recommended here.

Finally I will try "Cinnamon".

Also plenty of cinnamon has been topped and the crispy texture of the fabric can be diminished but the cinnamon flavor matches the maple syrup and gentle sweetness of the dough to a more rich flavor. However, it is an impression that individual likes and dislikes about these two combinations seem to be separated.

It is like this when placing plain, sugar, cinnamon from the left. If you want to taste the feeling and material as it is, "Plain", "Sugar" if you want sweetness like Donuts, "Cinnamon" if you like cinnamon and enjoy a rich flavor is recommended.

Cookie Kurura has four kinds of maple (front left), black Mitsuki Nako (front right), choco (back left), and coconut (back right).

First of all I will eat 'Maple'.

Maple is a cookie crusher's surface covered with maple-flavored glaze, cookie fabric is crisp but glaze part is also a crisp texture, which is a donut where you can enjoy a more zacky texture with the combination of the two.

Actually eating, the fabric itself is close to the taste and texture of old fashion, but the texture is more crispy feeling. Initially I thought that I could not feel maple much, but I can enjoy the rich flavor that the maple's flavor gradually spreads in the mouth, so maple lovers are a must-have item to challenge by all means.

This is "Black Mitsuki Nako". Plain cookie This is a cookie covered with a furrow that infiltrated the black foundation in the creurler.

Although the field is covered with plenty of fruit, how much can you feel the taste of black fruit?

When trying to eat, the compatibility of the donuts and the mushrooms is outstanding well, and the mushrooms are not attached to the passa. Since moistly used ones are used, they can be eaten without clogging the nods. The feeling of black face is felt in the back of the field, but there was an opinion that "level not noticed if nothing can be noticed".

And we will have a classic "chocolate".

It is a plain cloth coated with chocolate, which may be the easiest to imagine a donut.

Actually eating with pakuri, you can enjoy the most crisp texture in the part without the chocolate coating. It is a classic flavor as it looks, and there is an image donut with an image that plus the texture as playfulness there.

At the end we will eat "Coconut".

The coconut is kneaded in the fabric of the cookie creeler, but in the case of "coconut" further accent is added to the texture by topping the coconut finely carved on the surface of the donut. The coconut which is being topped isCoconut chocolateThe same as the unique, sharp texture becomes habit.

It is a taste that makes the toppled coconut 's unique texture and crispy cookie dough habit.

Maple stick is sold throughout the year from September 1, 2015, Sugar (140 yen including tax) · Cinnamon (140 yen including tax) plain (140 yen including tax), Maple (118 yen including tax) · Mitsuki Black Mitsuko (129 yen including tax) · Chocolate (129 yen including tax) · Coconut (129 yen including tax) will be on sale from September 1, 2015 to late November.

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