Since the battery of Nexus 6 has swelled, I contacted Wyomobile to have it replaced and repaired

For smartphones equipped with a lithium-ion battery in the power supply, until several years agoFire accident while charging the batteryHowever,Battery expands and explodesThe accident happens, and at the end of the fried foodA man who was charging with a non-genuine charger diesI often hear about the accident called. Both were caused by lithium ion batteries or related accidents, but due to the improved quality, I heard less often hearing such news.

One day, when I saw Nexus 6 owned by the editorial department, I noticed that the back cover was coming off. It is a terminal I signed up with Wai Mobile in December 2014.

In this way, part of the cover is obviously lifted off the main body. I thought "Were you hanging on something?", It does not seem to be properly restored even if you hold down with your fingers.

When looking from the side, the state where it is completely lifted.

It seems that the cover at the bottom of the main unit with the Micro-USB terminal is floating. When looking carefully, there is a strange appearance also on the right side.

It is only a few millimeters, but here also the cover is slightly lifted.

Lift the corner with the finger lightly lifted up completely and you can see a silver battery inside. If you look closely at eyes, it seems like a plate-like flat shape battery is inflating at last ......?

"This is Ikan" so that I will call the store of Wyomobile who purchased Nexus 6 immediately. In various situations, it is said that in normal circumstances it is normal practice to take a terminal to a shop and confirm it, pass the substitute on the spot and enter the repair in such a situation , It turned out that there was no stock for replacement in the store that called or nearby stores. I decided to call Wy - Mobile 's customer center taught on the spot to respond.

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When the telephone is connected and the symptoms are conveyed, firstly the phone number of the contract line and the name, the secret identification number etc are asked for confirmation of the identity. Because there are times when I can not remember it quickly, it is better to prepare a contract in case of such a situation. When I explain the detailed symptoms in various ways, I decided to check from the technical staff as well, so I will hang up the phone and wait for return.

A few minutes later, a phone call comes in, and technical personnel and detailed symptoms will be confirmed. In this case, you can ask for the 15-digit IMEI (terminal identification number) as well as the model name of the terminal, so let's keep the line contract handy. After the confirmation of symptoms, in this case it was supposed to correspond to "repair repair" that sends troublesome terminals to Wyomobile and makes repair correspondence. During the repair period, alternative machines of the same model are borrowed free from Wyomobile, so for now, it seems likely that we will not be in trouble because there is no terminal.

A few days later, my baggage arrived from Wyom mobile with Kuroneko Yamato bin. Two boxes of corrugated cardboard are stacked, and stickers "for repair goods delivery" and "for lend-return customers" are stuck respectively.

On the upper surface of the box is a statement stated to "Yamato Transport Driver" with "simultaneous collection". Take out the replacement lending terminal that was sent in this box, put the necessary repair items in hand and send it back to Wyomobile.

However, because we need work such as replacing the SIM card, we can not change the terminal very quickly by swapping out the terminal at the entrance. Driver of Yamato Transport seemed to be well acquainted about that, "I will come back to pick it up later" and went back to work. It is necessary to prepare it by finishing the exchange work of the terminal before the next driver comes.

That's why I opened the first row of boxes. Besides the terminal for replacement, paper that says "notes on accepting repair items" and the documents necessary for the procedure were enclosed. Documents were put in envelopes separately into "documents to be kept" and "documents to sign", and a device was devised so that the people who received it would not get lost.

First of all, read the notes. In the case of replacement repair, the internal data may be erased, so you need to take a backup, etc. and notes and necessary work and checklist on returning are written.

The replacement lending terminal was, of course, the same Nexus 6 as the handheld terminal.

A barcode for terminal management was stated on the back side.

If you look at the repair article (left) and the lending machine (right) side by side, you can see clearly that the state of the back cover is different.

The difference is obvious at a glance. Yes, when I bought it was perfectly covered as shown below ... ....

Prepare the necessary documents for returning.

In the document, pink color paper was pasted in the place where writing was necessary, so the work was completed without any particular hesitation. When the product is broken and there is impatience and irritation, I feel relieved that there is such a concern.

After backing up the terminal, replace the SIM card. Since the SIM card is not attached to the lending machine, remove the card from your terminal and attach it to the lending machine. At this time, care must be taken not to replace the SIM card holder by mistake. If you do not attach the original holder to your own terminal and your lending machine as well, it will be handled as "lost" on the system, and even if free repair is supposed to be charged for the price Because it is so, you need to pay close attention.

Place the SIM card in the lending machine and replace it when power is successfully input. Although it is necessary to perform the initial setting just like at the time of initial purchase, it was not as troublesome as I thought, since I can omit a part of the trouble if I have a Google account.

Put the repaired item that pulled out the SIM card in the bag of the enclosed air packing with the power off and put it in the box written "for repair item delivery" together with the necessary documents and sent it back.

Since the letter with the address written is also enclosed in the box for sending the repair item, paste it on the petri and the box and then give it to the driver of Yamato Transport OK.

◆ Completed goods arrived
A few days later, the repaired item arrived from Wyomobile.

When I open it up, there was a "repair report" with my terminal that was repaired and a repair description in it.

The repair of this time is that replacement of the battery and precautionary replacement of the board for just in case was done.

A shiny and repaired terminal.

The swelling of the back and floating of the cover were completely restored.

The other side, which was slightly floating up, was completely restored.

After confirming that the appearance has been fixed, try restoring the SIM card and turning on the power. As before, replace the SIM card while paying attention to the replacement of the holder.

And when I pressed the power button, the terminal successfully started up.

However, since the board was replaced this time, the data is completely in a state of complete purity. Since it is necessary to start from the initial setting again, it is a fact that it felt a little bit awkward even though it could not be helped.

Once you know that there is no problem with the repaired terminal, we prepare for the return of the lending machine. When returning, I will use the box written as "For returning loan machine" sent first. Packaging materials and documents required for return are enclosed in the box.

Fill in the documents for return.

Put the renting machine in the air packing bag, put it in a box so as to wrap it with the paper cushioning material and enclose the document.

Since the invoice for returning is also enclosed, it is convenient to paste only afterwards.

If you bring the returned goods to Yamato Transport and send it, the procedure is completed.

This time it became the situation of "battery expansion", but because the lending machine was prepared, it was able to receive repair without charge at all without a blank period on the terminal. Although it is also a fact that it took time and effort such as backing up and restoring and restarting the initial setting, it is true that there is something that can not be relieved for any sense of security that the terminal returned to its original safe state. Although there is a possibility that the correspondence content may differ from the article depending on the state of the terminal etc, but if you feel the abnormality of the battery or a strange bulge, it does not hesitate to the shop of Wy-mobile or to the customer center It is recommended to consult.

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