I tried Apple to repair a suspicious broken iPhone on the street

Glass on the surface broke, half of the liquid crystal was destroyed and it became inoperable "iPhone 4S" was in the editorial department so we decided to repair. However, second handWhite RomOn purchasingI crashed while hitting with bars to test the strength of the case, It was a concern for bringing it to Apple because of the circumstances, but when I contacted by phone I heard that it is "no problem" so actuallyApple StoreI decided to go and talk to them.

As fragments of broken glass come off with flap, put it in a plastic bag and carry it.

Arrived at the Apple store.

This is what it's like inside the store.

Going upstairs will "Genius BarThere is a place called "Genius Bar" where it is possible to consult on all Apple products from operation method to repair.

Despite the daytime on weekdays, customers are stuffing me. I have not made a reservation this time, so I waited for an hour.ApplicationOrwebIt seems that it will be enough for waiting time of about 10 minutes if you contact in advance by phone.

Specialist staff will correspond one to one with counters in between as follows.

I seated because my turn came.

The Genius bar logo looks like this.

Explain the situation by taking out a broken iPhone. It is safe to be able to correspond properly even if you talk about purchasing medieval times. It takes time to replace the parts so it will be replaced. The cost is 17,800 yen.

Procedurally it is easy to fill in the address, name, telephone number, e-mail address etc on the following paper.

New items are taken out from the back of the store, and the data of the new terminal is input to the iPhone possessed by the staff. Impression that we were able to respond to crispness just 10 minutes during this time.

The new terminal is in such a case. By the way, the body of contents is being activated behind the store.

Destructive terminals will be disposed of at the store. In addition, since the data inside can be erased in front of you as follows, it is safe.

It will take about 25 minutes to change to a new one and activation is completed. If you make a reservation in advance, it will be crispy even at work lunch break. In addition, there is no need for an additional 3G line contract etc, and the repaired iPhone can use most functions by connecting to WiFi as it is.

People who say "I want to be able to use the iPhone in a hurry anyway" or "I want to repair using Apple's genuine parts" when bringing in trouble is the smoother thing to bring them to the Apple store for repair. Even if the liquid crystal is broken and can not be operated, it is convenient because it can be replaced with a new item in the snow.

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