Apple Announces Free Exchange Program of iPhone 5 Power Button

On some iPhone 5, it turned out that there was a problem that the Sleep / Wake Sleep (Power On / Off) button on the upper right of the unit did not work. Applicable to iPhone 5 manufactured before May 2013, Apple announces a program to exchange free buttons of target iPhone 5 that is not working properly.

IPhone 5 sleep / wake button exchange program - Apple support

The known trouble will not work even if you press the power button on iPhone 5, or it only works intermittently. In order to check whether your iPhone 5 is the product of the program you need to check the serial number. From serial setting of iPhone 5, tap "Information" in the "Settings" of the iPhone 5, scroll down to see the serial number, copy it by pressing and holding it.

Next, go to Apple's button exchange program page, enter the serial number and tap "Send". The iPhone 5 displayed as "The serial number of the entered iPhone 5 is subject to this program" will be the subject of the free replacement program under the entry field. To change the button,Apple Store / AgencyYou can apply for "bring-in repair" to "support for bringing in" or "pick up & delivery" at the support center. If you need an alternative machine, you can borrow the iPhone 5 16GB model at the Apple Store / distributor. The reception of repair will start from May 2, 2014.

When checking with iPhone owners of the editorial department, 3 of 4 machines turned out to be the target iPhone 5. However, none of the power buttons functions without any problems, and there is no need to replace the target product even if there is no problem with the function. If you ask a question on Apple's support center by phone, since there are only a few of the problems with serial numbers in iPhone 5, there are only a few things that occur, so say "to exchange for precaution" I can not do that.

Also, if you are repairing at your own expense with the same problem before, you can inquire Apple about refund. If you feel "Power button is wrong ...", you should receive the program, but please be careful as you need to back up and erase the data and settings. If you are going to repair it, it is said that applying for pickup & delivery is the fastest way.

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