It is like this when you actually exchange the battery in "Program for the problem that iPhone 6s shuts down suddenly" that you can exchange the battery of iPhone 6s for free.

Some iPhone 6s reported a problem of shutting down suddenly despite the fact that the batteries are still left, and it turned out that the cause was due to a problem with the battery. Apple will exchange some iPhone 6s batteries with this problem free of charge "Program for iPhone 6s suddenly shut down problemStarted. Since GIGAZINE editorial department also had terminals to be exchanged exactly, I actually tried getting a normal battery using exchange program.

The history of "The program for sudden shutdown of iPhone 6s" and how to check if your iPhone 6s is a replacement terminal is summarized in the following article.

Program that you can exchange battery of "iPhone 6s" for free, Confirmation method of terminal to be replaced Conclusion - GIGAZINE

The iPhone 6s that was the object of replacing the battery is this.

Pre-order purchase and on the day of releaseDevices reviewedAs usual, the power supply also attached, I was able to use it for a short period of 1 year and 2 months from purchase without problems.

Because it is "problem with battery"Nexus 6 batteryAs I said, "I wonder if it is bulging?" I checked it, but the appearance did not change.

What you should do before replacing the battery is "to iTunes or iCloudBack up data"" Turn off "Search for iPhone", "Erase all data and settings". Data backup is done automatically when "iCloud backup" is on in "Settings" → "iCloud" → "backup", "Delete all data and settings" is "Settings" → "General" → Tap "Reset" → "Delete all contents and settings" OK. However, "To turn off" Search for iPhone "must be done manually, the procedure is as follows.

First, tap "Settings" → "iCloud" on the iPhone.

Tap "Search for iPhone."

Tap the icon.

Enter the password for Apple ID and tap "Turn off".

It is OK if the button next to Search iPhone is displayed in white as shown below.

And actually we will exchange the battery of the iPhone 6s, but there are three ways, "bring it to the Apple Store", "bring it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider", "put it for delivery repair". This time I will try replacing the battery using the "Delivery to delivery repair" method.

First of allProgram for iPhone 6s suddenly shut down problemJump to the page of "Red Border" and click on the red frame to jump to the Apple technical support page.

Click "Shipping repair".

In the text box at the far right of the screen, enter the serial number of the terminal that can be checked from "Settings" → "General" → "Information" and click the arrow icon.

Enter your Apple ID and sign in.

In the text box of "Please explain the procedure of reproducing the symptoms", please fill in "It is a program for iPhone 6s sudden shutdown problem" and click "Continue".

Enter the telephone number, e-mail address, address as the pickup destination information and click "Continue".

Select the pickup date and time and click "Continue".

Check "I agree with the content after reading this agreement", select the corresponding one of the two types presented as "Warranty status" and click "Continue". Since we will use the battery exchange program this time, we have chosen the person "(abbreviated)" because it is not damaged by negligence, accident, misuse.

Confirm the delivery destination information and click "Send repair service request" if it is OK.

The delivery repair request is now complete.

A delivery company pickup arrives at the specified date and time, but before that, I will remove the SIM card from iPhone 6s and keep it. Since the shipping company will do the packing, at pick up time it was ok just to pass the iPhone 6s which took out the SIM card.

The repair situation can be confirmed at any time by entering "case ID or repair ID" and "postal code or serial number" from the following page.

Repair status

While actually checking the repair situation, the repair request was made on December 5, the collection of the target terminal was on December 6, the repair was completed on December 8, and on December 9 The terminal with the battery replaced has been shipped.

It was December 10th that the iPhone 6s whose battery exchange was over arrived at hand. I got it back in 5 days after I made a repair request.

Some white boxes are contained in the ... ...

IPhone 6s is contained in this.

IPhone 6s with battery replaced is like this. There is no change in appearance and feeling of use.

When I checked the terminal, I found a scratch on the red frame part. It does not replace the whole body like when repairing screen cracks, it seems to replace only the battery inside.

If you insert a SIM card and restore the backup, you will be able to use iPhone 6s as before.

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