Apple launched "iPhone 6 Plus iSight camera free replacement program" and actually applied for it

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Apple has launched a free replacement program for the iSight camera of the target iPhone 6 Plus because of the phenomenon that some photos taken with the camera of iPhone 6 Plus look blurred. I summarized the flow of how to confirm the handset's terminal and when I applied for the free exchange program in case it was actually the target product.

IPhone 6 Plus iSight camera exchange program - Apple support

IPhone 6 Plus's camera free replacement program is subject to the main sale between September 2014 and January 2015 and the serial number is within a specific range. Actually it is something that will become a photograph of blurring when shooting as followsreportIt is being done.

By entering the iPhone's serial number in the input box provided on the camera exchange program page, you can see if the terminal at hand is the target product.

The serial number of iPhone can be confirmed from "serial number" in "setting" → "general" → "information".

If the serial number is applicable, the message "The serial number you entered applies to this program, please select one of the options below" is displayed below the box. The exchange procedure is "Apple Authorized Service Provider"Apple Store Retail Store"Apple technical supportApplication can be made from either. Although replacement of the camera is free of charge, if there is cracks on the screen etc., it is necessary to repair the damaged part first, and in some cases it may take additional repair fee.

◆ I applied for the iPhone 6 Plus iSight camera exchange program
When I entered the serial number of iPhone 6 Plus in the editorial department, I applied to the exchange program because it was the target product. This time we selected procedures from Apple Technical Support, and the choices of phone, chat and bring-in are displayed. Since the recommended procedure is with the phone, click "I want to talk to the advisor right now".

Enter the serial number.

Enter name, e-mail address, phone number to receive contact and click "Continue". As I talk to advisors, I will operate iPhone 6 Plus for exchange, so if there is a number that is not the one of iPhone 6 Plus phone number, it is better to do it there.

Then "Ready to go." Is displayed and a phone call comes from Apple Support in about 30 seconds. In addition, we did the procedure of chat, but even if we did not connect after 10 minutes, those who are in a hurry will recommend the procedure of the phone.

Although the camera of iPhone 6 Plus of the editorial department has not been abnormal so far, I informed that "I want to do the exchange procedure considering future occurrences", but even the terminal which is not abnormal If it is a product, it was said that anyone can offer free replacement when offering support. Please note that there is a possibility that the correspondence may be different at agencies and others.

There is a method of repairing "pick up by Yamato Transport" or "bringing it to an Apple Store or an agency", this time I would like to pick up. If you subscribe to AppleCare +, you can use "Express Exchange ServiceIt is possible to arrange the exchange by. However, a credit card is required as a guarantee for arranging the exchange. After that it is necessary to turn off when "Search for iPhone" is on, so if you turn it off by turning off the function during the phone, the procedure is over.

So, as soon as the phone was over, I received an application form of "Express Exchange Service", an exchange pick up service with the exchange, by mail. It is a service of exchanging handheld faulty machines and exchanges, so there is no need to return them unlike alternative machines, so if you deliver a faulty machine you can use a terminal with no anomalies immediately. Although it is written as 106704 yen in the invoice amount, it is charged when we received the exchange but we did not hand over the defective aircraft, so if you handed out iPhone 6 Plus that broke the Yamato Transport, it will be charged There is nothing to do.

Click "Continue" further.

Enter your address and credit card number and click "Make a payment."

This completes the process of the free replacement program, and it takes 3 to 4 days for the merchant to come to pick up the defective machine at the shortest. Moreover, if there is a breakdown part other than the camera, 7800 yen which is the guarantee price of AppleCare + will be withdrawn without confirmation.

◆ Additional note August 25, 2015 15:10
I was listening to the arrival of the exchange from 3 to 4 days, but the next day of the telephone, the exchange of Express exchange service arrived in just one day.

What was in was the exchange · "Information on home self-replacement service" · SIM slot pin · "iPhone service & support".

When I opened the box, there was a shiny exchange in the future. Sent as exchanges are new or nearly as new.

Afterwards break out with iPhone 6 Plus' s SIM card which comes out with the included pin. Pack the broken machine in the box containing the exchange if you transfer it, and hand it over to the delivery company OK. Not only the camera, iPhone 6 Plus which used nearly a year has become new as well. After that, if you restore from a backup such as iCloud on the exchange, you can use it as it was restored.

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