I got my iPod repaired to a non-regular store and asked for repair at about half of Apple

Although Apple's legitimate repair is known for the high repair fee of PCs and iPhones, there is a risk that it will be difficult for regular support to be received in the future, but the shops that can repair the repair fee cheaply are not It is a regular repair shop.Smart doctor who asked for repair of iPhone beforeIn order to ask for repair of the iPod this time, I went to a store and asked for repair.

Support iPhone repair and customer with reliable technology | smart doctor

Arrived at Smart Doctor.

In front of the shop the repair charge of iPhone is written on the signboard, but we will also repair iPod and iPad. I decided to enter the shop.

There are lots of related products of iPhone and iPad in the shop.

I will bring the broken iPod to the repair counter immediately.

First of all, fill out your name and symptoms of breakdown in the repair request form.

IPod about five years ago. Although it has been scratched around, although the music was listening without problems until now, suddenly one ear can not be heard.

The part of the earphone flex which is broken.

Especially when I saw it from the outside, there was nothing strange and it was that the parts inside were broken.

Before repairing, record the current state of the iPod.

The place where there is a problem now is the distortion of the earphone jack and the frame.

Take it to a desk dedicated for repair immediately, have the iPod repaired.

There are various kinds of tools for opening the iPhone and iPod on the desk.

This is the platform for repairing.

It has become magnet type, so it does not lose it because the small screw sticks.

First, open the iPod. There are things with screws on the bottom of the iPhone, but not on the iPod.

In order to open the iPod, I pierce a tool like a sculpture knife in a small gap.

I will unplug the tool into the gap.

The side of the iPod opened.

I will put in tools too.

If we put tools in multiple places ... ...

Successfully opening the iPod completely.

Since the wires are connected close to the battery, I will remove with tweezers.

Main contents of battery, cable, internal HDD and so on.

Furthermore, detach the cable under the HDD with tweezers.

The part which is broken this time is a part called an earphone flex cable. I will change this to a new one.

In order to remove the earphone flex cable, you must remove the battery above.

The battery is fixed with special adhesive, so if you warm it with a dryer ......

It can easily be removed.

Several screws are fixed on the back of the battery.

I will remove this with a special driver.

The back part of the earphone flex of the back of the battery was fixed with 4 screws.

I fixed the screw of the earphone flex.

Next, peel off the part affixed with the seal with a tool like tweezers.


When you are done removing all the parts, spray the air and remove small dust and small garbage.

After removing the dirt, replace the earphone with a new part. From here we will work with the reverse flow from when we are removing them.

After replacing the new earphone flex, fix it with screws.

Fastening of the screw is over.

Fixed a part of the earphone flex with the tape attached to the previous part.

Also connect the earphone flex cable to the back of the HDD.

Connect the HDD, and use a tweezers next to the power supply with a yellowish cable extending from the battery.

This completes the rough work.

Before closing once, check if the sound is properly heard.

It seemed to sound without problems.

I will close the side completely this time.

Even if you close it, the sound is not a problem. Repair is successful. Approximately 10 minutes to 15 minutes during this time.

After the repair, the customer confirmed the repair contents on the operation check sheet.

The price is 7900 yen. If you request regular repair at Apple, it will cost 14,800 yen, so you can have it repaired at about half price.

The current repair request is about five iPads a day, iPhone about 15 units a day and it seems that iPod repair is enough to count. It is considerably cheaper than Apple's official repair so it's worth a try.

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