I asked you to watch the whole work at repair shop which can cheaper "Apple iPhone" than Apple store

If the iPhone or iPad is broken, it will be repaired quickly if you go to the Apple store, in some cases it will be replaced with a new one so it is very convenient and its smoothness isPast ArticlesAlthough it is as published in the warranty, if it is not in the warranty, the trouble tends to be high expensive. So if you say "Hurry repair iPhone, but it is not cheap" people are recommended to go to a repair shop other than the Apple store. This time this time in Osaka, Kyoto, Shizuoka, Fukuoka etc all over JapanHave 10 branches"We have revived about 40,000 terminals per year"Smart Doctor for iPhone Repair"ofShinsaibashi storeI decided to actually show the whole and repair of the repair.

◆ How to get there

The location of the shop is as follows.

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As you cross the Midosuji street with Namba station behind you, you can see Daimaru on the right, so turn left there.

Going down the road like this ... ....

The white building visible on the right is "Smart Doctor". Because there is oversized red and white nobori, it is a husband that can be found in Sugu.

In the case of glass cracking "iPhone 4S" is 8800 yen, "iPhone 4" is 7800 yen, new "iPad" is 19,800 yen and so on.

The entrance of the shop is like this.

There is a counter when entering inside, so we will ask for repair here.

◆ Full repair

First, I will hand you the iPhone to the people in the shop.

First of all, we will examine discoloration etc. of the submergence confirmation sticker in the headphone jack.

Check the situation of damage in detail ......

Meanwhile, fill in the repair request form and consent form.

If repair is possible, acceptance is terminated by receiving a copy of the request form. Especially when repair is not confirmed it can be received in about 30 minutes.

There is a studio in the back of the store, so another staff member will check the repair request form and will take work.

Wear rubber gloves to prevent injury due to breakage of parts due to static electricity and fragments of glass.

First turn off the power.

I will peel off the protective seal etc.

Remove the screws at the side of the dock ... ....

"Pakkatsu" and back panel can be taken.

Contents is like this.

Remove the multiple screws with a familiar feeling ... ....

Remove the cord that connects the display with tweezers.

Parts with replacement glass and display united together look like this.

With the damaged display attached to the table, connect the new display to the back side and check the operation.

Check startup.

It reacts properly to the touch operation properly.

Resume dismantling work. The parts picked up with the following pictures are vibrators that vibrate when in manner mode.

Also remove the battery.

Furthermore, I also take a camera ...

The board is also removed.

Return it to the table and heat the top and bottom of the iPhone with a hair dryer. By doing this, it is making it easy to peel off the adhesive tape fixing the display.

After that carefully peel off and peel off.

Completely removing the display looks like this.

Paste new adhesive tape ...

If you paste the display with "Petchang" it is completed.

After that, I will do assembly work by going backward work of the past.

I was restored properly.

Turn on the power ... ....

Check operation again.

Fly dust with air duster and finish.

Fit the back panel and tighten the screw to complete the repair.

According to the person in charge of the repair "The display can be exchanged if there is roughly 15 minutes for each one."

Since I have almost all parts in the shop, including dock terminals and headphone jacks, it seems to be able to repair on SUG.

There was also a glass for the new iPad.

In addition, it is said that the replacement glass of the iPhone is originally produced and ordered from the factory. As shown in the picture below, comparing what is used in "Smart Doctor" (photo left) with parts purchased in China owned by the company as a sample (right picture) The side is slightly bluish white. Although there was only a slight difference even with the naked eye, it is said that there is considerable attention around here because it is uri of the shop not to compromise on the quality of each part.

Normally, if you request repair, you will not be able to see the area around here, so we will pick it up at the same counter as we did when we received the designated time.

Give me a copy of the repair request ... ....

I will pay 7800 yen.

With this, I can use the iPhone as it was.

So in the event that your iPhone or iPad is damaged without Apple 's warranty, it may be convenient to remember that repair shop repair is possible.

In addition to repair, we are also selling accessories and exchanging back panel, so please check the latest information on the following Facebook page etc.

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