Service start replacing deteriorated iPhone 3G battery cheaply, touch panel etc. can be repaired cheaply

For the user of "iPhone 3G" which passed one year from the release, the service which replaces the battery which deteriorated and the capacity became cheap is released. Also, expensive repair fee may occur, damage of the touch panel etc can be repaired cheaply.

Because iPhone 3G's battery deteriorated,We will sell 1 million units in 3 days to be releasedBoasts such popularity asIPhone 3G SIt is good news for those who are thinking about replacing them, but they are not wasteful of expenses.

Details are as below.
Work on repairing iPhone 3G "ILab PC Factory"According to the release sent to the editorial department, it seems that the service to exchange the deteriorated iPhone 3G battery with 4800 yen was started.

This is about half the price of 9800 yen, which is the cost of battery exchange service SOFTBANK MOBI is carrying out for iPhone 3G after one year warranty period, and SOFTBANK MOBILE will be repaired for 3 days On the other hand, it can be returned within 48 hours in the distance.

Please note that this is a problem because there is a possibility that the regular warranty will not be accepted during the warranty period because it will be repaired outside the office, but there is little effect on users who have passed 1 year since purchasing iPhone 3G It seems there is nothing.

In addition, repair of the touch panel etc is carried out cheaply, and the comparison etc. of the cost etc when repairing by SOFTBANK MOBILE shop by the following link etc are done.

Glass crack replacement / repair / parts sales of iPhone 3G touch panel: comparison with carry-in to SoftBank

Since it is not an authorized repair service to the last, it may be good to consider it as one of the options after understanding that there is some risk involved in usage.

The official page of iLab PC Factory is from the following.

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