9 scenes suddenly caught in a traffic accident seen in a movie

It is said that there is a higher probability of encountering a traffic accident than to become a billionaire in the lottery, and various people have encountered a traffic accident even in the movie. Since there was a movie that gathered only such a scene, I will introduce it. Every person does not think that he will encounter an accident beforehand, so it is totally careless, but when I actually encounter a traffic accident, I wonder if this is a sudden abortion, I feel like I can not have a toilet road as well I will.

The movie is from the following.
Hollywood's 9 Greatest Sudden Bus Accidents

A man who seems to have got lost when walking on a couple calls out.

In correspondence with it, the woman who stopped in the middle of the pedestrian crossing will be scattered.

From the movie 'Identity' of 2003. A woman holding hands over a window with a child in the car in heavy rain.

And a little bit of a car stuck in.

In Japan, an unflagging SF drama "Fringe".

A man going back after being hit by a gun.

Then I go out to the road. Of course, the bus comes in from the side.

The film "Final Destination" whose characters are always next to the fate of death. The main characters · Alex escape plane accidents due to predictive dreams, but the fear of death still creeps up.

Terry of Carter who is not good with Alex.

As I rage, I go out to the roadway and be hit by a bus.

The 2008 film "Ghost Town". A man who managed to avoid the outdoor unit from falling down from the building.

As I got out on the roadway while calling, I did not notice the bus from the side ... .... By the way, this movie is said to be a comedy movie.

The 2004 movie "Dawn of the Dead". It is the hero who is stuck with a gun. Virus spreading humans into zombies is prevalent in town.

It was ambulance that thrust into there. I will run without stopping as it is.

1999 drama "Felicity". A man who walks while talking.

When a woman finally noticed it was already late, the bus dropped a man.

The movie "Mean Girls" in 2004.

Although I was talking across the road, I seemed to be getting excited more and more and the bus came out from the side ... ....

TV drama series "LOST".

The bus comes at the moment I stop at the road.

It can be said that most people mentioned above are due to insufficient safety confirmation, but when you go out, you will want to be more careful about surroundings.

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