Sylvester Stallone is left alone and left behind at home `` Home Alone '' deep fake video `` Home Stallone ''

' Home Stallone ' , which changed the face of the hero of the comedy movie 'Home Alone' from

Macaulay Culkin to Sylvester Stallone using deep fake technology, has been released on YouTube.

Home Stallone [DeepFake]-YouTube

Guy opened the door and came out ...

Kevin is the main character. Originally played by Macaulay Culkin, due to a deep fake, it becomes the face of Sylvester Stallone.

Kevin calls her mother with a thick voice. The voice is separately voiced by

Joe Gaudet .

Kevin has been left home because of a family trip. However, he enjoys the situation without his noisy brothers.

On the other hand, the family notices that they have left Kevin away on a vacation and tries to rush home.

Is it just a panic action movie just because Kevin becomes Stallone ...?

Can Kevin reunite with his family?

It is not pathetic given the end of the thieves who will attack this house.

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