Agatha Christie's masterpiece mystery resurrected by gorgeous actors The film "Orient express murder case" latest trailer

"The Queen of Mystery"Agatha ChristieA mystery novel published in 1934 "Orient express murder"Is a popular mystery work that has been drama and movie many times so far, but in 2017 it was a top ten such as Kenneth Branner, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz, Judy Dench, Willem Dafoe A movie that casts the actors ofOrient express murder case"I will come back to the theater again. Although it is a very famous work worldwide, the latest trailer that can catch a glimpse of what the movie will be released in 2017 will be released.

Murder on the Orient Express | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX - YouTube

The stage of the work is the long-distance night train running in Europe Orient Express.

In the Orient Express running through the snowy mountains ......

Various people spend their thoughtful time in a luxurious eatery car.

Behind the wealthy man who keeps his mustache talking in a good mood ... ...

A young woman staring at a man like a conversation with gaze.

Black eyes matched eyes with a woman facing forward and smiling.

An old man who sits across from it seems to have a somewhat serious expression.

A fat man who has a steep look with smoking cigarette observation around.

A woman who wears a noble atmosphere indeed gazes at one point as if thinking something.

The scene changes and a woman is walking in a passage inside the car ......

Beyond thatJohnny DeppEdward Ratchet who plays is awaiting with an invincible smile.

The scene changes again, the train stops suddenly and the cry of the male end effector echoes.

A man who walks in front of a stopped train tweets "I saw the devil with this train."

And, for the passengers gathered in the dining car, "passengers are dead" "If a murder case happens, there must be a murderer, the criminal is in the passenger, each and every one is a suspect" I will speak. The first suspect who gathered in a dining car was Professor Gerhard Hardman. She plays the role of green goblin in the movie "Spider-Man"Willem Defoe.

The second person is "Earl", Earl Rudolf Andrini. It is Sergei · Polnin of a ballet dancer who plays. The third person is Edward Masterson, Edward Ratchet's "Butler". Performing act is a stage actor born in London, EnglandDerek Jakobi.

The fourth person is Hector McQueen who is a "secretary" of a ratchet. I play Steve Wozniak in the movie "Steve Jobs"Josh Gand.

The fifth person is "Tutor" Mary · Debunam. I play Ray at "Star Wars / Awakening of the Force"Daisy Ridley.

The sixth person is "Missionary" Pilar / Estoravados. I played the 81st Academy Award for Supportive Actress award "Still Love Barcelona"Penelope Cruz.

The seventh person is "widow" Mrs. Hubbard. It isMichelle Pfeiffer.

The eighth person is "salesman" Beniamino · Marquez. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo who played the prize-money Mexican · Vazquez in the movie "Magnificent Seven".

The ninth person is Hildegard Schmidt who is "Maid" by Mrs. Dragomilov. I played in "Peep Shaw Boku and Delusions"Olivia Coleman.

The 10 th person is a black male doctor · arbus knot of "doctor". It is Leslie Odom / Junior who plays this role.

And the eleventh person is "the Duchess" Natalia · Drago Milov, the Duchess. It isJudy · Dench.

Professor Gerhard Hardman, one of the suspected passengers, asks the voice principal "Who are you?" ...

"My name is Hercule Poiro" plays PoirotKenneth BrannerFinally the trailer is finished.

The release of the movie "Orient express murder case" in Japan is December 2017.

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