The latest movie trailer of the popular drama 'Downton Abbey' depicting the life of a glamorous British noble is released

The popular British drama '

Downton Abbey ' is a drama covering the life of the Grantham family and their servants in the Yorkshire Country House 'Downton Abbey'. It gained popularity all over the world. The Downton Abbey, a movie version of the Downton Abbey after the final season, is scheduled to be released in 2019, and the latest trailer is available on YouTube.

DOWNTON ABBEY-Official Trailer [HD]-In Theaters September 20

The destination of a woman driving a car is ...

Downton Abbey where the Grantham family and servants live.

In the mansion where the magnificent decoration attracts attention ...

Many servants are working.

The drama version depicts how the life of the nobles changes dramatically according to the trend of the times, but Downton Abbey retains its formidable power even in 1927, which is the stage of the film.

I got off the car ...

Eiji, second daughter of the family, played by

Laura Carmichael .

We will have a kiss for the reunion with Mrs. Cola (played by

Elizabeth McGavan ).

From the car, Edis's husband, Bertie (

department : Harry Hadden-Payton ) will also get off.

Children playing in the garden.

The family and servants who spend their favorite days, one letter shakes Downton Abbey.

The late boy Andy (played by

Michael C. Fox ) seems to be upset by the letter.

Deputy Butler Thomas (played by

Rob James-Collier ) also looks astonished.

'The king and the queen will come to Downton,' says

Sir Grantham, Robert Crowley (play: Hugh Bonneville ) says ...

Her eldest daughter, Mary (play: Michel Doccaley ), looks astonished, 'Eh?'

The servants will arrange a system to meet the king and queen in full.

Housekeeper, Hughes (President:

Philis Logan ), enlightens the servants, 'Let all surfaces shine.'

We also need to have a large dinner ...

The chef's chef, Batmore (Lesbian:

Leslie Nicole ) is also dancing.

The former Lady Madam's Violet (played by

Maggie Smith ) is also soothing.

With Downton Abbey standing up, Mary went to a small house.

Mary knocks.

Mary complained that 'you need your help' ...

Carson (department:

Jim Carter ) of retired butler.

Carson who answered 'don't worry, young lady' to Mary who complained that Carson's power is necessary to settle the situation .......

I will return to Downton Abbey again.

To the people of the samurai who show a smile ...

Servants toasting.

For live musicians ...

Dance parties and colorful scenes are drawn.

Thomas exchanges a kiss with a servant.

Can Downton Abbey be able to safely meet the king and queen?

One car stops in front of Downton Abbey.

To the person who came down from inside ...

Cola talks, 'My Majesty, welcome to Downton Abbey.'

The movie version “Downton Abbey” will be on September 20, 2019 (Fri), and will not be released in Japan at the time of writing.

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