The end of the seven-year struggle between Amazon and the Amazon river basin over the '.amazon' domain

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The battle over the right to use the '.amazon' domain is coming to a close with Amazon, which operates the world's largest EC site, and the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization , which manages the world's largest rain forest, the Amazon Rainforest . It is reported that.

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Top level domains (TLDs) such as '.com' and '.net' were once recognized as only a few country codes, but in 2012 domains that can be used by ICANN to manage TLDs I have greatly increased my name.

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As a result, major IT companies have acquired all of their trademark and business domain names , such as '.apple', '.youtube' and '.xbox'. In this trend, Amazon also planned to acquire '.amazon', but it was waiting for it that 'Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) (ACTO, an international organization for the sustainable development of the Amazon river basin) )'is.

The conflict between Amazon and ACTO over the domain '.amazon' can be understood in detail by reading the following article.

Amazon and South American 8 countries are in dispute over the use of '.amazon' domain

Since the issue was proposed in 2012, Amazon and ACTO have been in various talks for over seven years, but have not reached an agreement so far.

Therefore, ICANN, which has been discussing the matter, said that in April 2019, Amazon set up a joint steering committee for domain names, 'Amazon is used as a major culture and heritage of the Amazonia region . Do not use words, “Amazon will provide ACTO and its member countries with nine domain names for non-profit purposes to promote the use of local culture and heritage,” etc., and pay appropriate attention. It is evaluated that At the board meeting held on May 15, 2019, we decided to allow Amazon to use '.amazon'.

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Amazon's use of the '.amazon' domain will be officially recognized in the summer of 2019 after ICANN's acceptance and review of public comments on ACTO member countries.

In a resolution passed by the board of directors, ICANN stated, “The time of seven years was long enough for each party to reach a reasonable decision. Now is the time for all parties to be sustainable. It's time to move forward for fairness, ”he said, showing the hope that the talks that had been muddy over“ .amazon ”will go to a solution.

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