Operator of ".osaka" domain decided on interlink

Sales of ".moe" domainOn September 12 today signed a contract with the operator of ".osaka" which is the geographical name top level domain (region name TLD)ICANNWe announced that it was concluded between. Provision will be from the beginning of spring 2015.

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Top level domain (TLD) is the ".net" part (end) of "gigazine.net" in GIGAZINE, and ".com" ". Net" ". Org" Three types. In addition to this there is ".info", anyone can register if they are free if subdomains (the part before the domain such as ○○ .com or ×× .net) are free. It is called "general-purpose top level domain (gTLD)" together with ".biz" for commercial purpose only, ".name" for private / non-commercial use only.

Under such circumstances, application of "new gTLD" was accepted from January 2012, and many regional name TLDs such as ". Nyc (New York)", ".belrin (Berlin)", ". Dubai (Dubai) It was done. To apply for a district name, you need support from the local government. ".osaka (Osaka)"Applications were also being made from the GMO domain registryIn the end, Interlink became the operator.

By the way, the GMO domain registry is also applying for ".tokyo (Tokyo)", ". Nagoya (Nagoya)" and ". Yokohama (Yokohama)". ". Nagoya" started operation on February 20, 2014, ". Tokyo" started operation on April 7, 2014, ". Yokohama" also accepting priority registration from August 6, 2014 .

Also,".kyoto (Kyoto)"Kyoto Information Graduate School University (KGCI) has been certified as an administrative operator, and it is preparing to distribute from 2014.

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