As China's largest certificate authority "WoSign" has been tampering with certificate issuance date, Firefox will block the policy


China's largest certificate authority "WoSign" issued a fake certificateProblem, a web browser - Firefox has strengthened its policy of blocking WoSign certificates.

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According to the pointed out, it is clear that WoSign has been in a state where you can issue a certificate of base domain even if there is only subdomain administrative right of a certain domain.

Also, as well as WoSign, it is regarded as a matter of silently acquiring Israel's StartCom CA, known as a CA (Certification Authority) that issues certificates for free, and not revealing changes in ownership. A news release has been announced that StartCom remains independent of WoSign, but Mozilla's survey shows that StartCom is in the state of using WoSign's infrastructure.

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In addition, MozillaIt should not be issued after 2016I was issuing the guidelineSHA-1We have tampered with issuing a certificate using camouflage on the date over the last nine months. this isCA Browser ForumWoSign denies, but in Australia's "" site we have found a certificate that falsified the issue date by WoSign / StartCom. In addition, it is said that 62 certificates which tamper with the issue timing were found in the same way.

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