Amazon and South American 8 countries are in dispute over the use of '.amazon' domain

Since the relaxation of top-level domain ( TLD ) registration in 2012, various TLDs have been born. Among them, Amazon and South American countries are in conflict over a TLD called ' .amazon '.

Amazon does not want 8 South American countries to use the “.amazon” do

Amazon may finally get its hands on .amazon after world's DNS overseer loses patience • The Register

TLDs represented by '.com' and '.net' are managed by an organization called ICANN , and once, only a limited number of things such as country codes were recognized. However, it became possible to register any TLD in 2012, and Google was making a move to use it in the private sector, such as acquiring '.google'.

Under these circumstances, in 2012, Amazon, a major online retailer, also planned to acquire '.amazon'. However, countries such as the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization ( ACTO ), such as Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela, have stated that there is a problem with the monopoly acquisition of '.amazon' by Amazon. .

In these eight countries, there are problems with Amazon's exclusive use of the domain '.amazon', while some of the domains such as '' and '' are transferred to Amazon. On the side, we proposed sharing of the domain by making '' available, but Amazon refuses this proposal.

Instead of using '.amazon' exclusively, Amazon's proposal is to open subdomains with country codes for each of eight countries such as ''. They also offered to offer $ 5 million worth of Kindle devices and hosting services in 2018, but eight countries did not accept the proposal.

The ICANN, which has jurisdiction over the domain, had concluded between Amazon and ACTO by April 7, 2019, and asked for an agreement to be submitted, but the deadline has passed without both parties agreeing. The ICANN will make a decision on the use of '.amazon', but it will likely be required to make difficult decisions.

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