What does it mean for movie characters to drink "milk"?

In the movie, when the characters drink martini, they give "impeccable" impression, and if you drink champagne you can give "impressive" impression. Meanwhile, there is a movie that explains that "milk" appearing in movies has a different meaning hidden from other drinks.

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Depending on what the character talks about in a movie, there are things that the characters talk about characters. For example, if you have whiskey glasses as follows, that person will look like "cool".

Meanwhile, milk has a slightly different meaning.

When you hear "milk," you will think of "youth" and "pure white". movies"Catch Me If You CanBut, as Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a fraudster, will give a "16-year old pilot likeness", there is a scene to ask the cabin attendant for milk.

movies"Clockwork 's Orange"Teenagers are also famous for drinking milk scenes. As violent children drink milk, it reminds me that all madness is being done by the hands of the child.

A scene where James Dean drinks a milk bottle is a famous movie "Rebel without reason"Milk helps to express the conflict of the hero well.

"SpongebobBut there is also the effect that the fish produces "masculinity" by not drinking milk, as there is a scream that prostitutes as "flesh is tough guy! I did not drink milk for breakfast!"

With depth reading, moviesHome Alone"It is said that the scene that Kevin of the main character frowns nutritious milk symbolizes" mother's love affair ".

That is, since milk has a meaning symbolizing "child", the movie "Leon"A cold-hearted killer should feel humor by drinking milk.

Directed by Alfred Hitchcockcliff"There is a scene that the audience seems to say," There is poison in milk. " I have succeeded in directing the eeriness by choosing milk as a poisoning drink and I will not have the same effect with coffee or whiskey.

There are other movies that emphasize "creepiness" and "terribleness" using milk, "Inglourious BasterdsThe same scenes that Hans Randa Guards threatening while drinking milk are the same.

While reminiscent of the innocence of childhood, milk is said to have appeared in the movie as a realistic "symbol of power".

movies"Mad Max Max's Angry Death Road"Human breast milk" appears as a milk that only some people can drink in the world short of supplies.

movies"Meat the Parents 2However, in general, the act of "adults drink breast milk" is regarded as a taboo, as it is said that there is a scene that comes out of the mouth saying "It is Debbie's breast milk" after drinking milk.

Mad Max Max's anger Death · Road is a movie whose "liquid" has an important meaning in short, women are exploited breast milk ... ...

Men are breathed out of blood.

And the people are living controlled with water.

It is Immotan Joe that dominates all its liquids, and Joe's family has been grown into a muscularly masculine. In other words, nutrition-rich breast milk symbolizes "strength".

There is a scene where the main character Max is washing his face with breast milk, but it is drawn as a turning point where Max who was selfish was devoted to Furiosa.

Upon receipt of the symbol of the strength of breast milk, Max is drawing a change in Max's mind, which leads to the scene where Max transfuses blood to others.

In other words, milk that appears in movies is powerfulStorytellingIt is a tool of the milk that can produce the strength and feelings of characters who have milk in hand. If you are watching a movie in the future and "milk" has appeared, it may be interesting to think about what it means.

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