Arrested parents confining children at garbage and dirty houses

The parents of the children are said to have been arrested, saying that the children were locked in a very dirty house. Because the house had a terrible odor and was in a very unsanitary state amongst others, some people called the house "hell hole".

What was it like with insanely houses called "hell hole"?

Details are from the following.

* Because images of dust and dirt are included, please be careful when viewing the article.
Children's life in a 'hell hole': Parents jailed over rubbish-tip home | Mail Online

The children who were protected this time are 3-year-old brothers of 4 years old, 3 years old, 1 year old. It seems that the children were rescued because I was worried when I saw a house whose neighbor was desolated and reported to the city council in York.

According to the prosecutor Peter Mauruson, when this family moved in February 2006, despite being in a beautiful state, it seems that it got dirty rapidly in a short period of time. The house emitted a rotten smell, and when the children were rescued, rotten foods and human excreta, besides garbage, were scattered. Also, for the summer months, children are forbidden to go out into the garden, they sometimes spent a summer in a dark room covered with windows that are unsanitary and covered with windows.

This is the inside of the house.

Garbage is scattered, terrible condition.

Baths and toilets are also pretty messy.

According to pediatricians, it seems that the protected children dislikes making them beautiful because they have become living in a dirty room, and they are delayed in language development. Also, according to Glenn Parsons, who protects the children, the children were not subject to physical abuse such as violence, and the parents arrested said that they "love children"

In the trial, a 26 - year - old father and a 25 - year - old mother approved charges and was sentenced to three years' sentence judgment.

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