Matcha chocolate & mushrooms on crocus croissant donuts have eaten exquisite "Mr.Croissant Donut Matcha Chocolate" with misdo

Kiln out and meltYaIce cream drink of Certiane,Purupuru Matcha MilkAlthough products using Matcha have been released one after the other, from May 13 (Wednesday) Mr. Donut multiplied the croissant donut and Matcha "Mr.Croissant Donut (Mr. Croissant Donut) Matcha chocolateWe will sell. I was wondering what the croissant donut's first matcha taste is like, so I actually ate at the shop.

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Arrived at Mr. Donut.

After entering the shop ......

Matcha tasting donuts were lined up on the display. "Old fashion matcha green tea (140 yen tax)" Old fashion matcha chocolate (151 yen including tax) "Old fashion matcha kinako (140 yen tax)" "Pon de Matcha chocolate (151 yen including tax)" sold in the past Five kinds of donuts "Stick Pie Matcha Azuki (151 yen including tax)" will be restored for a limited time from May 13th with Mr. Croissant Donut Matcha Chocolate.

Purchase a new product Mr. Croissant Donut Matcha Chocolate (172 yen including tax) to the seat.

Mr. Croissant Donut Matcha chocolate is wrapped in paper written "BROOKLYN, NY".

This is about the size compared with the iPhone 5, the same size as the average donut.

Soybean and sugar are sprinkled on top of the green tea chocolate coating.

The fabric is like this.

There is no coating on the reverse side.

So, when you eat with bamboo first, spreading in your mouth is a bittersweet Matcha flavor, the extent to which the flavor of mushrooms is slightly felt. The crispy crispy croissant was crispy and the fabric itself was not sweet, so it felt like I could feel the taste of Matcha Kinoko firmly.

The fabric is quite crisp, so when it gets wet it will fall and polo-polo and debris will fall.

To croissant donutsThose using creamThere was also, because it is a relatively heavy fabric called "fried croissant", Mr. Croissant donut Matcha chocolate is rather cosmetic, just coated with bittersweet Matcha chocolate. I did not feel stupid, and I was able to eat deliciously until the end.

The six types of "Mr. Croissant Donut Green Tea Chocolate", "Pon de Matcha Chocolate", "Stick Pie Matcha Azuki", "Old Fashion Matcha", "Old Fashion Green Tea Chocolate" and "Old Fashion Green Tea Kinako" are sold until the end of July It is getting.

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