Matsuya's popular menu "Uma Toma hamburger steak dish" was revived so I ate it

Matsuya's appearing as a classic menu every summer "Horse tomato hamburger steak"This year, it is on sale from May 7 th (Thursday). In the Matsuya classic menu it is said that it is a particularly popular itemIndividual packs sold at mass retailers throughout the countryI was eating because it became a matter of what kind of taste "Horse tomato hamburger" is being done.

Horse tomato hamburger steak food restoration sale! | Matsuya Foods

I just came to Matsuya ... ...

In front of the shop I found a climb called "Horse tomato hamburg gourd set".

It seems that it is being appealed extensively by sticking out an oversized poster as well.

So buying a ticket inside the store ......

Order complete. Horse tomato hamburger steak set had ordered rice syrup since it was free rice syrup until 15 o'clock on May 14 th (Tuesday)

Horse tomato hamburger steak set arrived in a few minutes. Because it is a set meal, rice, miso soup and raw vegetables are set in addition to horse toma hamburger, but it is still affordable price 630 yen including tax. The calorie is 577 kcal when it is a single item, and 1056 kcal (+ 152 kcal at the rice high grade) for the whole set meal.

This is a revived hors bean hamburg.

There are plenty of tomato sauce cooked on the top of the hamburger steak.

In addition, with a warm ball.

Putting a spoon in the egg will melt the yolks. I could imagine what would be preeminent before eating Jururi and licking my tongue without thinking of this combination.

That's why I will eat tomato hamburger. When you eat a bite, the first thing you feel is the strong acidity of tomato sauce that was plenty surrounded by hamburger steak. Just as a summer menu, the fresh acidity of tomato is quite intense, and at the same time the appetizing smell of garlic stimulates the guts and nose. The sauce that the sourness of tomato and scent of garlic was quite strongly effective matches exquisitely with hamburger without harsh baked goods, so there is no reason that this does not match with rice.

Tomato sauce is quite delicious when eating alone, but even with hamburgers it is exquisite to eat with rice.

Hamburger is not a juicy thing overflowing gravy, it is softly baked and gentle taste. It is very simple, but this volume sense and strong tomato sauce matches anyway.

In addition, hamburger, tomato sauce and warm balls are paked together. I thought that the acidity of the tomato sauce would neutralize the yolk of the eggs to mild, this is good again as the sauce is plus in the sauce as it is.

Rice large scale is about this size compared with iPhone 6 ......

It is served in a pretty deep bowl.

Miso soup is a chewy drinking mouth with salt and you can drink a bite if you drink a bite.

The ingredients of miso soup are wakame and deep-fried.

Fresh vegetables are served in the bottle ... ...

If you eat it with a dressing on the table OK.

Shakiyaki's vegetables will stain your body.

I finished inside while eating mogmog like that.

Horse tomato hamburg set meal was only as "popular menu of Matsuya" which was quite complete, and it was a very attractive price of 630 yen including tax including rice, miso soup and raw vegetables. In addition, it is recommended that until 15 o'clock on Thursday 14th (Thursday) the rice syrup is free, so it is also recommended for those who want to be hungry. Hamburger has a response to eat, but it was a sour taste so that it was easy to eat even in a weak period of summer appetite, it was a perfect menu for the coming season. In addition, Horse tomato hamburger steak set also corresponds to orders and take-away by single item, so it is OK at all even if you bring it to a side dish for dinner.

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