Hamburger was eating soft and juicy Matsuya's "simmered cheese sauce simmered hamburger curry"

As Matsuya's first spring curry festival,Original curryUsing "Strawberry cheese sauce simmered hamburger curryWe launched it at 10 o'clock on Thursday April 9 (Thursday), so I went to a shop and ate at once.

'Spring favorite curry festival' held! | Matsuya Foods

I arrived at Matsuya.

There is a banner of 'Spring favorite curry festival' 1st and 2nd bullet.

When I was waiting waiting for a meal ticket, "Simmered cheese sauce cooked hamburger curry" arrived in about 5 minutes.

It gets steaming from hamburger steak. I smell curry spicy.

Curry ingredients are onion only, simple making.

Rice is served in curry and a separate dish.

Miso soup is a usual miso soup of Matsuya with seaweed and fried tofu.

While the hamburg gets cold we will try to break the hamburger with a spoon.

When dividing in half, cheese and meat juice overflowed from inside. Because hamburger is stewed, it is so soft that it can be cut with a spoon.

Hamburger steaks curry well, meat is soft and juicy. Cheese sauce is mellow and rich. Curry was slightly hot and seasoned, and my body got warmed when I ate it.

Of course I am compatible with rice.

Curry is slightly hotter than Nakashi, so I'd like to refresh my mouth with Fukami pickles, but this is also a strong seasoning.

The compatibility between miso soup and curry is not bad, but as the inside of the mouth chewed due to the spicy curry, "Brown cheese sauce hamburger steakIf the salad is attached like it, it may have been refreshed.

In addition, "Hamburger cheese sauce simmered hamburger curry" is sold at a similar price of 590 yen and 690 yen at tax.

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