"IOS 8.3" distribution start, pictograms become new and VoLTE is available on iPhone 6/6 Plus

If AppleIOS 8.3"Distribution started. Terminals that can be updated to iOS 8.3 are iPhone 4S or later iPhone, iPad excluding the first iPad, fifth generation iPod touch, in addition to many improvements and bugfixes, the design of pictograms becomes new, NTT docomo · au version VoLTE is also available on the iPhone.

IOS 8.3 released with fixes for performance and just about everything else | Ars Technica

Notice of starting VoLTE on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus | 2015 | KDDI CORPORATION

Notice from Docomo: VoLTE compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus started | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

◆ How to update to iOS 8.3
The update method to iOS 8.3 is as follows.

First, tap "Settings" on the home screen.

Tap "General".

Tap "Software update".

Since iOS 8.3 is 285 MB, it seems better to start downloading and installing after Wi-Fi connection.

Tap "Download and install".

Since the terms of service are displayed, first tap "I agree" at the bottom right of the screen and tap "Agree" in the popup display.

Then iOS 8.3 download starts. Since the standard time for downloading is displayed in red frame part, please wait patiently.

After downloading, tap "Install" OK. It seems that installation of software starts automatically when charging iOS terminal.

Since the update is completed in a few minutes, it seems good to update it in a little free time.

◆ VoLTE compatible
NTT docomo · au version of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can enjoy more clear voice call using iOS 8.3 to 4G LTE communication "VoLTE"Will be available.

To use VoLTE Open "Settings" and tap "Mobile data communication".

Tap "Turn on 4G".

Then tap "Voice call and data" OK.

On au's VoLTE compatible smartphone, turning on VoLTE disables voice calls and data communications in 3G communication, which is the same on au version of iPhone 6/6 Plus.

◆ New iOS 8.3 emoji keyboard
With a new emoji keyboard, 40 pictograms are spread on one screen.

Emoticons up to iOS 8.2 looked something like this, with 24 emoji on one screen.

New "food and drink" pictogram. Anyway pictograms on the whole increased.

Compared with the old version, you can see that the variation is rich in anyway.

Apple 's watch is also included in the emoticons of the new "things and symbols".

I am amazed at the small number of variations of the old version.

Changes in iOS 8.3
In iOS 8.3, in addition to a pictorial keyboard with a redesigned design, it contains a lot of function improvement and bug fixes, and details are as follows.

This release includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and a renewed emoji keyboard. The changes are as follows:

Improved performance
· Launch App
· Reactivity of App
· Control center
· "Safari" tab
· Third-party keyboard
· Keyboard shortcut
· Simplified Chinese keyboard

Fix for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
· Fixed an issue where login credentials may be requested continuously
· Address problems where intermittent connection to Wi-Fi network is released on some devices
- Fixed problem that hands-free call may be disconnected
- Fixed an issue where audio playback might stop on some Bluetooth speakers

Correction on screen orientation and rotation
· Dealing with problems that the screen may not return to portrait orientation after rotating horizontally
· Improved performance and stability problems when rotating the device vertically or horizontally
- Fixed the problem that the screen turns upside when iPhone 6 Plus is taken out of pocket
· Solved the problem that the App may not rotate in the correct orientation after switching the App with multitasking

Correction on "Message"
· Addressing issues where group messages may be split
· Fixed problem that individual messages may not be transferred or deleted
· Solved the problem that preview can not be displayed when taking a picture with "message"
· Added function to report spam directly from "Message" App
· Added the ability to filter iMessage sent from non-registered contacts

Family sharing fixes
- Fixed a bug that certain apps do not start or update on family devices
· Fixed bug that family can not download specific free app
· Improved reliability of notification of "approval and purchase request"

Fix for CarPlay
- Fixed a problem that "Map" might become black screen
- Fixed an issue where the UI might be displayed in an improper orientation
- Fixed an issue where the keyboard may be displayed on the CarPlay screen in an improper situation

Corrections on the enterprise
· Increased reliability of installing and updating Enterprise App
· Corrected time zone of calendar event created in "IBM Notes"
- Fixed an issue that the Web clip icon might become a general purpose icon after restart
· Improved reliability of web proxy password storage
· Added a function to edit Exchange absent messages separately for external reply
· Improved Exchange account recovery function from temporary connection problems
· Improved VPN and Web proxy solution compatibility
· Safari Websheet used for connection to public Wi-Fi network, etc. added a function to login using physical keyboard
· Fixed problems occurring in Exchange calendar with lacking notes

Fix for accessibility
· Fixed issue where VoiceOver gesture does not respond when using "Safari" back button
- Fixed the problem that the reliability of VoiceOver's focus loses with "Draft" draft message
· Fixed an issue that it was not possible to enter text using Braille screen input on the form on the web page
· Fixed an issue announcing that Quick Navigation was turned off when switching on / off Quick Navigation on Braille display
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to move the icon of the app on the home screen when VoiceOver was enabled.
- Fixed an issue in which speech was not resumed after pausing with screen reading

Other function improvements and bug fixes
· Introduced an embossed keyboard with more than 300 new characters
· Optimize the iCloud photo library to work with the new "photo" App in OS X 10.10.3, and the beta is ended
· Improve pronunciation of road names read during navigation of turn by turn on "Map"
· Added support for Baum VarioUltra 20 and VarioUltra 40 Braille display
· Improved display of Spotlight search results when 'Reduce transparency' is on
· Add formatting options for italic and underlining to iPhone 6 Plus sideways keyboard
· Added ability to delete shipping address and billing address used by Apple Pay
· Added Siri language and country support: English (India, New Zealand), Danish (Danish), Dutch (Netherlands), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia), Swedish (Swedish), Thai (Thailand), Turkish (Turkey)
· Add language for voice input: Arabic (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates), Hebrew (Israel)
· Improved Genius playlist stability for "phone", "email", Bluetooth connection, "Photo", "Safari" tab, "Settings", "Weather", and "Music"
· Dealing with problems that "unlock with slide" may not work on certain devices
· Swipe on the lock screen and deal with problems that can not respond to the phone
· Deal with problems that can not open links in PDF of "Safari"
- Fixed an issue that all data was not erased when "Delete history and website data" was selected in "Safari" setting
- Fixed an issue that "FYI" was not automatically modified
· Deal with problems that predictive transformation suitable for context is not displayed in quick reply
- Fixed a problem that can not be switched from hybrid mode to night mode in "map"
· Fixed an issue where FaceTime call can not be started using FaceTime URL in browser or third party app
- Fixed an issue that you may not be able to successfully export pictures to Windows digital camera / image folder
· Fixed an issue where backup of iPad may not be completed with "iTunes"
· Fixed an issue where podcast download may stop stopping when switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data communication
- Fixed an issue that the remaining time of the timer may be displayed as "00:00" by mistake on the lock screen
- Fixed a problem that the volume of the call might not be adjusted
- Fixed an issue where the status bar may be displayed in an improper situation

If you do not update to iOS 8.3, new emoticons can not be displayed, and Twitter's timeline may overflow with aliens.

With iOS 8.3 new emoticons are displayed like this ...

For older versions, aliens are displayed instead of pictograms for some reason.

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