Delivery of iOS 16 started, I tried using the lock screen customization function

iOS 16 , the latest version of the iPhone OS announced at WWDC22, is finally available. Many new functions have appeared, but I immediately tried using the 'lock screen customization function' which was introduced as a new feature at WWDC22.

iOS 16 is available today - Apple

About the security content of iOS 16 - Apple Support (Japan)

◆ Contents
List of new features in iOS 16
How to update to iOS 16
Customize the lock screen

・List of new features in iOS 16
The main functions that can be used with the update to iOS 16 are as follows.

lock screen
- Redesigned lock screen. Display your favorite photos, change the font style, display frequently used widgets, and more to personalize your screen.
・You can create multiple lock screens and switch screens easily.
The lock screen gallery offers suggestions for screen designs that suit you, or you can choose from a collection of designs curated by Apple.
- Option to customize lock screen date and time fonts and colors
- Widgets on the lock screen let you check the weather, battery level, calendar events, etc. at a glance
・A new effect places the subject in front of the time display (iPhone XS or later)
- Apply styles to your photos to automatically change color filters, tints, and font styles to complement your photos on your lock screen
・Notifications are displayed at the bottom of the lock screen, and you can choose from expanded list view, stack view, or count view

focus mode
・The lock screen and focus mode can now be linked, and the linked focus mode can be activated simply by switching the lock screen.
- Do Not Disturb Mode filters to block distracting content in Calendar, Mail, Messages, Safari, third-party apps, and more
- Lock screens and home screens that suit you, including apps and widgets related to the focus mode you are setting up, are suggested, allowing you to set focus mode more quickly and easily.

・You can edit the message within 15 minutes after sending, and the recipient can see the editing record.
・Can be canceled for 2 minutes after sending a message
- The ability to mark messages as unopened makes chats easier to find later
・You can enjoy movies, music, games, etc. together while exchanging messages with your friends using SharePlay in 'Messages'.
・With the collaboration function, you can easily request participation in collaborative work on files using “messages”, and you can get activity updates in threads when edits are made in shared projects.

Improved search to return more accurate and safer results and suggest search results as soon as you start typing
・If it is within 10 seconds after sending the message, it is possible to cancel the sending by clicking 'Cancel sending'.
・With the “send later” function, it is possible to send an email at a specified date and time.
・Set the date and time to receive reminders to reread emails and remember to reply with the “Reminder” function

Safari and passkey
- Multiple tabs can now be shared in shared tab groups, and tab group updates can be checked immediately.
・The tab group start page can be customized with different background images and favorites for each tab group.
・It is possible to fix frequently viewed websites for each tab group.
- Added Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian, and Dutch to Safari's web page translation feature.
- Supports passkeys for easier and safer sign-in instead of passwords
- Passkeys are synced end-to-end between Apple devices with iCloud Keychain and available on all your Apple devices

Text recognition display
Text Recognition View turns text in photos into actionable text, with live preview using Photos, Screenshots, Quick Look, Safari, and Camera for copy & paste, Look Up, and Translate Feature available (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)
・Text recognition display supports video, and functions such as copying, translating, “searching”, and sharing text in paused video frames are available (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)
・Flight and delivery tracking, foreign language translation, currency conversion, etc. are possible with a single tap on data in photos and videos detected by quick actions (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)

examine the image
・It is possible to extract only the subject of the image from the background and copy/paste it to apps such as 'Mail' and 'Messages' (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)
・Recognize birds, insects, spiders, and sculptures in photos with 'Examine images' (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)

・Shortcut settings have been made easier, and shortcuts can be used from Siri simply by downloading the app without any settings (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR or later)
A new setting to allow messages to be sent without Siri asking for confirmation before sending
- Ask 'Hey Siri, what can I do?' to find out what Siri can do in iOS and apps (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)
- Option to end a phone call or FaceTime call by saying 'Hey Siri, hang up' (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)

Voice input
・Voice input function is completely new, and it is possible to input and edit text using voice input and keyboard together (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and later)
・Equipped with a function that automatically inserts commas, periods, and question marks as you speak.
・It supports emoji, and you can insert emoji using your voice (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR or later)

・ Supports adding up to 15 multiple waypoints to the driving route
・If you add a transportation IC card to 'Wallet', you can check the low balance and charge the card without leaving 'Map'.
・In the San Francisco Bay Area, London, New York, and San Diego, you can check the cost of traveling by transportation fares.

Apple Pay and Wallet
・Receipts can be checked and orders can be tracked from Wallet for products purchased with Apple Pay at member stores.

Designed with Home App to easily navigate, organize, view and control smart home accessories
The Home tab consolidates accessories, rooms, and scenes all into one tab for a quick overview of your entire home
Quick access to all relevant accessories organized by room with lighting, climate control, security, speakers and TV, and plumbing categories for more detailed status information
・Up to 4 camera images can be displayed in the center of the home tab, and other camera images can be displayed by scrolling.
- Redesigned accessory tiles. Adopts icons that are easier to understand visually with colors that match the category, enabling more accurate accessory operation

health care
・With the medication function, you can create a list of medications you are taking, a schedule, and reminders, record and manage medications, vitamins, and supplements, and display the records in chronological order.
・Based on the record of the menstrual cycle, notify the deviation of the cycle if there are symptoms of irregular menstruation, irregular menstruation, prolonged menstruation, persistent petechiae
・With the healthcare sharing function, you can easily and safely share the healthcare data of your loved ones.
-Health care sharing reminders to clearly show which health data is being shared with loved ones and control data sharing

family sharing
Improved child account settings make it easier to create child accounts with appropriate parental controls in place, including age-appropriate media restrictions
Quick start to easily set up a new iOS or iPadOS device for your child with the parental controls of your choice
- Screen Time requests from kids now appear in Messages, making it easier to accept or decline
A family checklist provides reminders and suggestions to update your child's parental control settings, turn on location sharing, or share an iCloud+ subscription with everyone.

Personal information security check
A new Personal Information Security Check in Settings allows you to quickly reset the permissions granted to someone who is being abused by a cohabitant or intimate partner.
-Emergency reset lets you quickly take actions to reset access for everyone and apps, such as disabling location sharing via Find My, resetting app privacy permissions, and more
- Manage sharing and access so you can see and customize which apps and people can access your information

・ Find the door with the “Detect Door” function of “Magnifier”, read the signs and symbols around the door, and provide instructions for opening the door (iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro)
Apple Watch Mirroring, which gives you full control of your Apple Watch from your iPhone, supports the use of Switch Control, Voice Control and other auxiliary features on your iPhone, allowing you to get the most out of your Apple Watch.
・The Buddy Controller combines inputs from multiple game controllers into one, allowing people with cognitive disabilities to receive support from caregivers and friends when playing games.
- VoiceOver now available in over 20 new languages and regions, including Bangla (India), Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese

・How to update to iOS 16
To update to iOS 16, tap 'General' in the 'Settings' app

Tap 'Software Update'

Tap 'Upgrade to iOS 16'

Tap 'Download Install'

Tap 'Agree'

Tap 'Agree' again

Before the data download begins, you will be asked for permission to download using cellular data in order to continue downloading even if your Wi-Fi connection is lost. The data size of iOS 16.0 is huge at 3.05 GB, and if you download it with mobile data communication, it will put pressure on the communication capacity at once, so tap 'Do not use mobile data communication' this time. This will start downloading the data for the upgrade.

After the data download is completed, the display 'Install now' appears on the screen, so tap this and it's OK

・Customize the lock screen
You can customize the lock screen from 'Wallpaper' in the 'Settings' app.

The currently set lock screen and home screen are displayed, so tap 'Customize' on the lock screen.

The customizable elements on the lock screen will then appear with a white border around them. Tap the part where the date and day of the week displayed at the top are written.

Then, a widget that can be displayed instead is suggested like this. iOS recommends three things to display in this horizontally long area: events, weather conditions, and activities at the top. You can display either calendar, fitness, reminders, stock prices, clock, or weather.

Tap the clock to change the font and color of the clock.

After selecting the color, you can change the shade of the color with the slider.

Also, by tapping the red frame part, you can display the clock not only with Arabic numerals but also with Arabic Indian numerals and Devanagari numerals.

By tapping the area at the bottom of the clock, you can place a small widget in the specified area. It was not possible to increase the area in which this widget can be placed.

Widgets that can be placed at the time of article creation are News, Calendar, Battery, Fitness, Home, Reminder

Only genuine Apple apps such as stocks, clocks, and weather.

Swipe left other than the widget area ......

The display is switched. In the case of the wallpaper provided by Apple called Astronomy, the details of the Earth/Earth


month details

It was possible to choose five kinds of appearance called the solar system.

Tap 'Add new wallpaper' ......

Like this. There are various types of wallpapers such as photos, photo shuffle, pictograms, weather, astronomy, color ... ...

If you scroll down the screen, you can choose the wallpaper while checking the sample.

If you tap 'Photo' ......

It is possible to set the image saved in the photo application as wallpaper. Tap the photo you want to use as wallpaper.

Then it looks like this.

You can scale the image by pinching in and pinching out in areas where there are no widgets.

By swiping left or right on the screen, iOS will automatically filter the selected image. The font and color of the clock will be changed at the same time as the filter is applied. color wash filter


Three types of black and white were prepared.

That's why I actually tried using the lock screen customization function, but there are still many inconveniences, such as there are still few compatible widgets and there is a limit to the number of widgets that can be placed. Even so, users can now freely customize the lock screen, which was not possible to edit at all until now. It's okay.

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