I tried using "Periscope" that anyone can deliver live to the world or see live delivery with only a smartphone

A new style live distribution application that enables you to distribute live to people all over the world without using special equipment, can watch live broadcasts around the world and send short messages and heart marks to exchange "Periscope"is. I immediately watched live streaming around the world with cherry blossoms and tried challenging live distribution as well.


◆ Install application
This time I will try using Periscope on iPhone 6. On the App StorePeriscopeSearch "and tap" Get ".

Tap "Install".

When installing, tap "Open" to start Periscope.

As the tutorial begins for the first time, you can swipe the screen to the left to proceed with reading. When saying "I want to use with haste!", Tap "Skip" at the upper right.

Periscope will sign in with your Twitter account. Tap "Sign in with Twitter".

Tap "OK".

Enter Twitter account information and tap "Login".

Tap "Create Account" when logging in.

You can follow if you have a celebrity you want to follow if you check it. Of course it is ok without you to follow. Then tap "Done".

Tap "Enable Notifications" if you want people to notify you that the followers are live broadcasting. If notification is unnecessary, tap "×" icon in the upper right.

◆ Watch live streaming
When setup is over it looks something like this, now the image being distributed is displayed with thumbnails. Tap the thumbnail to watch the live streaming. Of course, with sound, caution is necessary when playing.

When you scroll down the screen, the live broadcast currently being distributed around the world is displayed in a list all at once. Depending on the title and the number of viewers at the far right, when you tap the live delivery you want to see ......

Like this, you can watch the live delivery. In the lower left corner of the screen, you can check the way the sender and audience exchanges messages by live chat.

Although the title is mainly in English, there are also "smart" live delivery using pictograms inside. Tap it ......

It was at a party with a considerably higher tension.

Try delivering the message to the delivery main during walking. Tap the text box at the bottom of the screen.

Enter a letter and tap "confirm".

The message arrived safely.

Moreover, it is possible to send a heart mark just by tapping the screen for "when it is troublesome to input characters" or "in case you can not understand the language in the first place".

Periscope has already handled Japanese. You can also check the distribution from Japan.

As a result of tapping on the test, the deliverer was not aware of it while it was being delivered, there was a meaningless picture flowing. Care must be taken that there is a risk of misdelivery carelessly.

There were a couple of such fragrant people as I looked around a lot. It seems necessary to keep in mind that you do not forget what is being seen around the world.

I tried live broadcasting
Let's challenge the live distribution at last. Tap "Camera" icon at the bottom of the screen.

Tap "Enable Camera".

Tap "OK".

With such a feeling that if the icon turns to blue, the function is effective. Here the camera is enabled. Likewise, if you activate Microphone (Location), you are ready to deliver it.

Since the camera starts automatically, I will attach a title first. Turn on the title and tap "Start Broadcast" to start live streaming.

If "LIVE" character appears in the lower left of the screen, it is being delivered. People who started viewing and listening to the lower left are displayed more and more.

To a few people in a matter of seven people.

As I got scared a bit, I decided to stop delivery. Tap "Stop Broadcast" which appears by swiping down the top of the screen and the shooting & amp; distribution stops. If you tap the "camera" icon next to it by mistake, attention should be paid as the camera will switch to the front camera and make a world debut.

Upon stopping the distribution, uploading of the shooting movie started. In addition, it seems that 12 people have watched it when shooting in just 24 seconds.

After uploading the movie, you can also save the movie to iPhone. Tap "Save To Camera Roll".

Tap "OK".

Successfully, the movie was saved on the terminal.

The movie delivered is playable for 24 hours. Swipe the delivered thumbnails to the left ... ...

You can also delete the movie so that it can not be viewed by tapping "Delete".

◆ Follow the distributor
By tapping the icon on the bottom right, a list of "FEATURED PEOPLE (people with many followers)" and "MOST LOVED (people who got a lot of heart marks)" is displayed.

If you want to follow, tap the icon at the far right.

Tap "Follow" to follow.

◆ Various settings
Tap the icon at the top right of the screen.

The setting screen opens, showing the number of followers, followers, and people who are blocking. Then tap "Settings" ......

You can display alerts when you follow, auto save saved movies, and change settings.

Periscope, an application that allows live streaming with just one smartphone, is a new SNS that Twitter has acquired in January 2015 and can interact with people around the world by live broadcasting, which makes us feel an explosive hit It is completion degree. Periscope is supported only for iOS at the time of article creation, but soon, Android version will be released as well.

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"Periscope" which enables real-time delivery and live broadcasting from movies from smartphone anytime anytime is available without Twitter account - GIGAZINE

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