Delivery by live distribution application on Twitter Incident occurred in which the main dive diving during live broadcasting committed suicide

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Real-time delivery · Live service can be done with one smartphone "Periscope"After releasing Twitter, we released the application and it got popularity all over the world in a blink of an eye. A case occurred in France in which a woman who was delivering in real time at that Periscope jumped into a train traveling while it was delivered and committed suicide.

Suicide on Periscope Prompts French Officials to Open Inquiry - The New York Times

Around 16:49 on May 10, 2016, a 19-year-old French woman Ocean jumped into a train running at the station called Eguri, about 40 km south of Paris, committing suicide. At the time of the incident Ocean used live distribution using Periscope and said, "I do not distribute movies because I want to buzz, I want people to respond and I want them to accept" about. Ocean says, "No, I am not trying to commit suicide, but I do not have anything to make me happy." I heard that the follower who noticed Mr. Ocean's atmosphere is "maybe committing suicide" I do not want to wake up in the morning, "I mean a meaningful reply.

Followers were posting comments worried that Mr. Ocean was depressed, such as "We are waiting for you", "It is always fun to see you", but the picture suddenly becomes dark It is said that someone's voice saying "I found a victim under the train and I need to move the victim". It seems that the figure of a running train was stored just a few seconds before the image became dark.

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The live-distributed movies have been deleted from Periscope and are now kept by Twitter. The French authorities are in the midst of investigating the images of suicide being delivered and seized Ocean's smartphone.

From Mr. Ocean's smartphone, a message sent to a friend of a lover she was dating before, a message sent "He was raped by violence ex-girlfriend", and a message implying that she committed suicide due to the bad deed done by her ex-lover The French authorities have also announced that they carefully investigate Ocean's former lover.

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Thomas Husson, an analyst at a technology research firm named Forrester Research, says, "It is inevitable that live streaming events will be live on this live streaming tool, There are a lot of things that will result in ending.The company that provides the service is monitoring how users are performing live streaming but it can be said that it is impossible to control the user's behavior. " It is opinion.

The site of rape is live deliveryOr,Fire during live deliveryIn case of incident using live streaming service is requested somewhat afterwards, as Husson says, what happens when distributors and viewers are communicating in real time It is also true that it is totally unpredictable.

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