Pastor of the help line who stopped suicide by sleeping while on the phone

A man of suicide volunteers who realized that they were "mentally unstable" in Sweden called the helpline at midnight, while the pastor of duty fell asleep while the anguish was being thrown off, the duty duty fell asleep, Because I heard snoring, I felt that my depressed mood was drowned out with anger, I decided to put suicide at a glance and write a complaint to the helpline.

Details are as below.Helpline priest falls asleep during suicide call for help - Telegraph

A 44-year-old man with a tendency to suicide called the emergency helpline by saying "I feel mentally unstable" around 2 AM on Friday,Swedish National ChurchIt was transferred to the Pastor of the Demon. It seems that men seemed to be talking to each other in about 5 minutes after I started talking.

"Since I thought that it might be taking notes, I heard that" You are taking notes? ", I heard a deep breath over the phone, then I realized that the pastor awoke "The manKalmarI tell Barometern local paper.

However, the consciousness of the pastor did not last long, and after continuing a frustrating conversation for a few more minutes without a response from the pastor, the man cut off the phone.

Fortunately, this man could get angry rather than fall down to the pastor's action, but could abandon suicide desire, "It is impermissible that a pastor falls asleep during a phone call It is something I should not do for those calling for help, I was going to commit suicide with a bad mood, but somehow I regained the separation and called up, the pastor 's attitude I was really disappointed, "he says disappointment with the help line.

According to Monica Eckerdal Kjellstroem, who will organize the dancer of the Swedish church in charge of the telephone on the helpline, this is not the first time that the pastor fell asleep during the phone, "It is not a case , Occasionally, there is a complaint that the pastor fell asleep during the phone. " In the future, the counselor who sleeps while asking for help on the phone is to be dismissed.

Because this man was angry to the pastor who fell asleep, he could distract himself from suicide by dozing of the pastor, but "no one will listen to his own story" " There is a person who reacts that it is increasingly suicidal desire to rise, that it is decreasing that "let's tell a boring story at midnight and bother people." I do not want the situation that a person was dead beyond the phone while dozing.

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