A couple who was passionate about love in the trash box on the street arrested

A couple who was in love in the trash box on the street was seen by a policeman and he was arrested for the current criminal. The couple seemed to be very enthusiastic about love and it was said that they were excited not to notice even if they were seen with a trash box open to policemen.

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Couple caught having sex in dumpster by Saanich police

When the police who received a report saying "There are strange people" on British Columbia, Canada on April 24, go to the on-site parking lot, we found a large trash can which sounds from inside. The policeman called out loudly that there was someone inside, but when I opened the lid of the trash box because there was no reply, naked girls (male 26 years old, woman 30 years old) in the garbage box sex acts I heard he was going. Despite being seen with the lid open to the policeman, the men and women said that they were getting too hot to notice the existence of police officers.

There seems to be a couple in the trash box like this

The police officer ordered him to leave the garbage box in clothes and arrested the current criminal. On the other hand he told the women to order home. I do not understand well, but what kind of crime was it?

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