"Steakhouse for meat lovers by meat lovers, meat lovers" went to the concept "The Steak Roppongi"

Japanese buffet's "The gift of the earthThe diamond dining set up with 100 stores in 100 stores opened the steakhouse specialty store "The Steak" in Roppongi on March 20 (Fri). It is a shop where you can eat meat and meat with the concept of "meat lover, meat lover by steak house for meat lovers", so I went to a shop because it was a welcome even one person.

The Steak Roppongi | THE STEAK ROPPONGI

The Steak Roppongi | Restaurant & amp; Shop | Diamond Dining

The address of The Steak is "4-10-11 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo", and it is in a place not to walk from Roppongi Station in 3 minutes.

Arrived at The Steak with an appearance based on yellow. The shop is the first floor of a multi-purpose building, and the atmosphere seems to have been over 20 years old.

A menu made of wood is set high and a picture of a deliciously baked steak is also placed.

The inside of the shop is a counter seat ......

Table seats are available. The flowing music was pop songs and 90s dance number.

There are only 9 types in the menu with 1 pound steak with rice (3700 yen for taxes), 1/2 pound steak (2200 yen for taxes) and salads and drinks. Alcohol is limited to 2 cups per person and seems to be a shop that focuses on rotation rather than wanting to eat slowly. This time I will order a 1/2 pound steak with medium rare with grilled / reduced finish.

When ordering 1/2 pound steak, immediate handmade original sauce was brought to the table every day.

When the order comes in, the clerk cuts the meat.

It seems to cut large ribs of meat rib roast meat each time an order is placed.

Where you were baking was not seen from the counter, the baking time was quite short, and the steak arrived before 5 minutes from the order.

After the steak arrived at the table, the steak was making a noise with Jugee. The state of the steak baked on the iron plate can be confirmed from the following movie.

A state after "Steak Roppongi" steak is offered - YouTube

As the iron plate is hot and the meat juice is not stable, the red meat juice will bleed out from the steak with grilled eyes.

Looking at the side of the steak, it seems that lean meat is remarkably left. It seems that there is little lipid attached.

Butter is on the middle of the steak ... ....

Garnishing is only with cones and simple.

I will cut the steak at once.

When cutting it, the leaves remained beautifully in the inside, the meat juice overflowed.

Although I tried it as it is, it seems that it is lightly tasted with salt, and it enhances the taste of beef like condensed lean meat taste. While the meat is soft, there is a steady taste of the satisfying feeling that the taste of the thick beef stains out chewy "eating meat". You can feel the fragrance of faintly garlic and appetite.

When you eat it with butter, it is good that you get rich in the steak. Since the steak meat itself has little oil, it will never be too overly caught with butter.

The iron plate is hot and the meat juice rises steadily on the steak, so it is a point to eat so that the meat juice will not spill.

If you eat to a certain extent, try applying a special original sauce.

The sauce contains plenty of onion, you can taste the taste of vegetables to its fullest, and you can feel faintness like ginger or garlic in faint colors. The compatibility of beef and onion is outstanding, and I have plunged meat without heart.

Gutsy steak with plenty of meat flavor, excellent compatibility with rice. . A large rice rice is also free, so when you are hungry do not hesitate to order a heap of magnificence.

The garnish corn has a sweet taste, it feels just right as a joke of Gatsuri type steak. Corn baked corn is preeminent with the original sauce.

The steel plate was hot, so the lower stage of the steak was burning as it was being served when we finished eating. The price of 2200 yen is not cheap at all, but when I thought that I ate the steak in Roppongi it seemed not expensive.

The steak Roppongi serves steak menu from 11:30 to 16:00 on beef sushi curry (1000 yen tax), from 16 o'clock to 6 o'clock in the morning. It is recommended when you want to eat sharks, dumplings and meat after drinking.

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