I went to "suddenly steak" that char-grilled steak can eat cheaply and enjoy it cheaply

Pepper food service which operates "Pepper lunch" developed in Tokyo as a new business, and the store which is increasing the store with a vigorous momentum is "Suddenly steak"is. Although it is an image to eat slowly in a restaurant etc. when it is saying steak, suddenly the steak is a standing eating style, it seems that steak can be eaten at a low price with good rotation. I also felt a commitment to the part called char-grill, and I immediately went to the shop.

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Suddenly the address of the steak Ginza is "Chuo-ku Ginza 4-10-14". The nearest station is Higashi Ginza Station.

If you go to the steak suddenly by subway, it will be nearby if you exit the A2 exit of Higashi Ginza Subway Station.

In the building suddenly the signboard of the steak is pasted with decadeca.

A little over three o'clock opening hours, 3 people were waiting in front of the shop.

Weekday lunch can order wild steak with tax of 1050 yen / wild hamburg of 1000 yen without tax. Both are 300 g, and it seems that it is said that those who have more volume than general eateries.

There seemed to be a seat in the shop, and it was immediately announced.

The stall eating seat in the store was almost buried. BGM is jazz and a little stylish atmosphere.

There is a menu on the table. Do not hesitate "Wild steakWe ordered.

When you stand in front of the seat, the store clerk instructs you to attach a paper apron.

Steak was baked through the glass in the shop.

It seems that hamburgers are also burning. There are lots of beef blocks behind.

The clerk put a seasoning on the beef ......

I started to bake steak.

Charcoal is used as a heat source.

I turned the steak with Tong and baked meat frantically.

As customers visit one after another, meat was always baked on the iron plate.

Looking at the table, salt, pepper, dressing, soy sauce, garlic, etc. are placed.

Wine is displayed in the store, and it can drink if you give it to the clerk. It seems that it is supposed to drink wine while eating steak at the dinner time.

Salad and soup arrive first because it takes time to serve the steak.

I will try onion salad dressing on the salad.

Good feeling with a little sauce that makes you feel the sweetness of onions. Sour taste and sweetness were well balanced finish.

The soup is a western conservative consommé taste. Although I could hardly confirm the grain of pepper, it felt slightly hot.

Steak and rice arrived in the shop in about 15 minutes. The steak has already been cut into zakkuri, but please cut it in a bite size and eat it.

Since the iron plate is hot, the steak is making a sound like juicy after offering

I will try hot steak sauce on the table while it is hot.

You can check the appearance after the hot steak sauce is added to the wild steak from the following movie.

I tried hot steak sauce on steak "Wild steak" suddenly - YouTube

The color of the steak sauce was a little thin, I could not feel the strong scent of garlic. Perhaps there are many salaried workers, land texture, smell of garlic may be using your mind.

The steak has light grilling eyes.

Turning the steak over, the side in contact with the iron plate was better burned.

In the center is familiar garlic butter on pepper lunch.

The garnish corn is also tapped.

I was instructed to apply garlic butter well and eat, so I also spread butter on the steak, cut it and eat it.

Although there is somewhat raw, the steak meat itself is hard, chew and meat juice overflows, there is a response to eat with wild as the product name. The heavy garlic butter is well matched to the steak, and the smell is not so concerned. Although it is making direct fire as charcoal, the fragrance of charcoal is a little weak, and there was a little unsatisfactory point.

There is also a part with a bit of streaks, so it may be better for people who do not like streaky portions to cut off with a knife.

The corn baked with iron plate is also fragrant and good feeling. The compatibility with garlic butter is outstanding.

I will try to eat the portion where the hot steak sauce was good.

The steak sauce is somewhat lighter in color and it has no problem if it multiplies the amount of something thin. Soy sauce is base and sweetness is modest. I could not feel the taste of garlic or onions, I felt like mushrooms.

It goes without saying that there is compatibility with rice. Since the steak meat is 300 g, compared with the general steak lunch, the meat was quite a lot of impression against rice.

Before 12 o'clock before leaving the shop, there was a queue of ten people or more. It may be a shop that is a bit hurdle to visit with an hour's lunch break, but if you are from 14 o'clock to 15 o'clock you may be able to enter the store rather than the lunch time peak.

Suddenly the steak wild steak is limited on weekdays. There is a response to eat, so you can eat steak at a cheaper price so it's a good time to say "I want to eat steak!"

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