"SpaceX" is showing on Flickr more than 100 free rocket pictures that can be used free of charge

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Advance the cutting edge of space development by the private sectorSpaceXHas started exposing a part of the enormous amount of rocket pictures taken so far so that anyone can use it with Flickr. At the time of article creation, more than 100 images have been released, and anyone including commercial can freely use imagesCreative Commons LicenseBut in the futurePublic domainIt is supposed to be explicitly changed to increase the degree of freedom.

Flickr: Official SpaceX Photos' Photostream

When you open the Flickr page, you can see how many photos are lining up with the slurry as below, and see the state of launch, the body itself of the rocket, and the "landing platform" unique to SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket I can do it.

According to the explanation in Flickr, this is the launch of Falcon 9 launched on 18th April 2014 and the launch of the spacecraft "Dragon" placed at the top.

This is the aircraft of Falcon 9 before being launched on 10th January 2015.

The above aircraft itself was the body itself that got into news by crashing on a return platform installed on the ocean. Although it is an image of shocks reminiscent of "crash", the technical power that we injected the rocket without using the parachute and returned to the ground is highly appreciated.

Offshore platform that Falcon 9 was supposed to return.

A state of the factory where Falcon 9 is made. 1 million square feet · so-calledTokyo DomeIn the vast factory of two plants, 40 plants of Falcon 9 will be manufactured per year in the future.

Here is a video shot of a time lapse scenery of Falcon 9 rocket production at such a factory. As if to ride on the production line, you can see how the rocket is made from left to right.

SpaceX Rocket Tank Production | Timelapse - YouTube

This image shows the Asia Sat 8 communication satellite from Asia SAT based in Hong KongLaunched in August 2014Falcon 9 rocket. SpaceX has already launched a commercial rocket launch operation.

Falcon 9 with retractable legs attached to the body. This aircraft is the aircraft that was launched with legs attached for the first time on April 18, 2014.

One piece that was held at an angle looking up at Falcon 9. Like the aircraft name, nine of the relatively small rocket engines are mounted on the Falcon 9.

A spaceship to be put on top of such Falcon 9 "Dragon". It is a spacecraft created under a contract with NASA and will be used for refilling operations to the International Space Station.

Inside the dragon, up to seven crews can get in and head for space. It is a state of the cockpit full of the near future feeling.

Engine "Super Draco" used for dragon's attitude and orbit control. We have already completed the burning experiment and are to be used for soft landing to the planet.

Dragon has already returned successfully from outer space. A state when descending with a parachute and arriving at sea.

A group photo of staff involved in such rocket development and manufacturing. Some of the staff who chews "Space X pose" to cross the cross arms in some places.

In SpaceX's Flickr photo stream, more than 100 such pictures have been released, especially if you like rockets, it was possible to see lots of pictures full of stomach.

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