What is "Ebola Treatment Tablet" developed by Google?

In West AfricaDoctors Without BordersAre working on measures against Ebola hemorrhagic fever. In order to prevent secondary infection, doctors need to pay close attention to challenge patient's treatment and examination, but for such a medical site, Google developed a tablet specialized for infectious diseases such as Ebola outbreaks did.

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Around September 2014, Jay Achar, a member of the Doctors Without Borders, said that West AfricanRepublic of Sierra LeoneI was working on the Ebola treatment project in a temporary treatment facility. There is an area called "High Risk Zone" in the facility and you need to wear protective polyethylene protective suit, glove mask, goggle to enter the zone.

ByEuropean Commission DG ECHO

Local temperature is over 90 degrees C (Mr. 32.2 degrees C), "Achar says that" I can wear a protective suit and I can work in the facility for one hour ". Mr. Achar needed to treat the patient as much as possible in a limited time as it is necessary to wear a protective suit to move back and forth in the high risk zone, but also record blood tests performed inside the zone There was a need. Furthermore, because it was not possible to take paper out of the facility, the result of the exam was to let the outside staff shout over the fence and record it to the outside staff, so it was in a situation where adequate treatment time could not be secured.

In response to the current situation of such Ebola hemorrhagic fever treatment site,Google.orgAnd technology community tackling global issuesGeeklist # hack 4 goodHas jointly developed an Android tablet that can be safely used instead of paper in an epidemic area.

Tablet is waterproofSony XPeria Z2 TabletIn the exteriorPolycarbonateAdopted. As it can be disinfected by immersing it in chlorine, you can move inside and outside the facility. In addition, because we can send test results through the net, we can reduce the time loss considerably because we do not have to shout over fences or detach protective suits as a result requiring urgency.

Engage in Ebola countermeasure project in West AfricaHarvard Medical Graduate School of Biomedical Information CenterDr. Eric Perakslis said, "It is a wonderful and unique idea," and tablets are being used by doctors such as Achar et al. Who are active in West Africa countries as of 2015. Also, an application data kit suitable for this tablet workOpen source openIn addition to Ebola hemorrhagic fever, it is expected to be used in plague-causing areas such as cholera and tuberculosis.

Incidentally,WHO Establishes Inspection Method to Perform Ebola Inspection in 15 MinutesAlthough technologies supporting West African strict medical scene are appearing, etc., yetThe situation that the outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever is not establishedis.

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