Precious high-resolution images shot during Apollo lunar landing can be downloaded free with Flickr

NASA conducted from 1961 to 1971Apollo planSo 12 astronauts are descending into the earth of the moon and it is known as a feat that mankind has reached celestial bodies other than the earth. A tremendous number of photos shot in such Apollo project are in the photo sharing communityFlickrIt is made public so that anyone can browse freely.

Thousands of Photos by Apollo Astronauts now on Flickr | The Planetary Society

I uploaded enormous photos to Flickr because I live in the USKipp TeagueMr. In 1999 he also posted photos of Apollo related sites "The Project Apollo Archive"It was made public.

The Project Apollo Archive

A valuable photo has already been published at The Project Apollo Archive, but this time Flickr's publicity has exceeded that. The image was scanned for the film taken with the camera and converted to data, but thatResolution is 1800 ppiAnd it is much more than 1000 ppi of The Project Apollo Archive. In addition, the image of this time is "no modification at all", and in the past it was somewhat corrected, but this timeComplete OriginalIt is published in the state of. As of October 5, 2015, 11,191 pictures are published on Flickr.

Project Apollo Archive's albums | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

On the Flickr page, uploaded photos from "Apollo 7" which was launched into space in the first Apollo plan and launched into space, from "Apollo 17" which was the final launch of the plan It is being done. It was classified as "Magazine ◯◯" every launch, it was used at that timeHasselbladIt seems that it shows the number of the film cartridge that was loaded in the company's camera.

As I said about the Apollo project, it is around here as well. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin descending from the moon landing ship "Eagle".

ByProject Apollo Archive

A footprint of the moon symbolizing that it fell to the moon. Although it is this picture that seems to be exciting at first sight, it is actually due to the illusion of the eye. If you look closely, you can see that sunlight hits from the lower right to the upper left, a shadow is formed, and the footprints are recessed.

The figure of Aldrin pilot taken by Armstrong captain. The mirror visor of the helmet shows the figure of Captain Armstrong who holds the camera.

This is a picture of the moon landing ship of "Apollo 13" which became a movie. After the explosion accident, the final appearance which delivered three astronauts to the earth as "lifeboat" is contained.

Appearance of mechanical ship damaged by explosion. It was taken just after being separated from the command ship just before entering the atmosphere and the contents of the third compartment covering the oxygen tank and the hydrogen tank were removed and the contents were exposed.

In this way, on the Flickr page of "Project Apollo Archive", it is possible to confidently check the massive photographs of over 10,000 pages. There are too many and we can not confirm everything, but both picturesPublic domainIt seems that it is set.

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