August 23, 2016 was the 50th anniversary of the photograph of the earth capturing the earth over the moon

Mankind who has continued space development for many years, in July 2015Complete reach of solar system to all planetsAnd nowPrivate companies send mankind to MarsIt is a grand plan to be set up. It was only 50 years ago that such human race reached the moon in full scale, and after the photographs that took place at the time of the space development that the earth can be seen beyond the moon, the 50th anniversary in 2016 I am greeting.

It's been 50 years since Earth was first photographed from the moon - CNET

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August 23, 1966, the lunar exploration ship launched by the United States "Luna Orbiter No.1"I succeeded in photographing the sight of the sight that mankind had never seen before that the earth could be seen beyond the surface of the moon. One picture of the surface of the moon covered with craters and the figure of the Earth seen over that 380,000 km is to make the earth and the moon float as if they float like floating in the universe It is getting.

Luna Orbiter No. 1 that contained this pictureLuna Orbiter PlanThe first one was launched among the five aircraft used in. It was launched on 10th August 1966 and after about 92 hours it was inserted into the elliptic orbit of the moon, and after that, we sent a total of 42 high resolution images and 187 medium resolution images taken to the Earth, It fell to the surface of the surface and greeted the end. One of the high resolution images at that time was the above picture, actually another one was taken at the same high resolution at this time, but it is said that it ended in failure.

Luna Orbiter plan land the pros aircraft on the lunar surfaceSurveyor planThen, let humans rise in the moon following itApollo planIt was planned to investigate the fact that 99 people of the surface of the moon were photographed with a resolution of 60 m or more by a total of five explorers. This result has enabled mankind to soft landing artefacts to the moon and reach the moon by mankind.

Actually, the above picture is the image which was reprocessed by the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP: rebirth project of lunar orbiting satellite picture) conducted in 2008. The original image actually taken was rough as follows.

After that, a well-known photograph "Earthrise" is the Apollo 8 astronaut,William AndersIt was filmed by. It is also known as "the most influential environmental photograph in history" that told people about how the earth is small and protected in the universe from the appearance of the earth floating in the jet black universe I will.

The crew of Apollo 8 photographed multiple images during the mission, and said that the movie was included in that. Actually taken videos are as follows.

Exploration of the universe by humans will likely continue in the future, and nowA small spacecraft that fly at a speed of 20% of the speed of light makes it reach the star system of 4 light years aheadThe state that the plan of being promoted is also advanced. From now on, expectations will expand as to what human nature will see the appearance of the universe.

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