Map of lunar surface artifacts created by NASA "Human Artifacts on the Moon"

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In the survey and development of the moon far from the earth, in July 1969 "Apollo 11 project"By 44 years since Captain Armstrong turned on footprints of the first human race, in February 1959, at the time of the Soviet Union 's"Luna 2"By bringing the first artificial material in history by colliding with the surface, there is a history of 54 years. America·NASACreates a map showing the location where artifacts humankind has sent to the moon so far and publishes them on the website.

Human Artifacts on the Moon

A map showing artifacts existing on the moon is here. There is not much in the "pole" part above and below the map, it is more flat with low latitudesSea of ​​the MoonYou can see how many are distributed. (Display original page by click: Approximately 3 MB)

Map All Artifacts

After enlarging it, the Soviet 's successful collision in 1959Luna 2(LUNA 2) ", the landing point of" Apollo 11 "which succeeded in the landing of mankind in 1969, and Japan launched and experimented advanced technology such as" dual month swing by " "Space engineering experiment spacecraft"Horseback"Was confirmed in 1993 and the place where the last was achieved are shown.

The circle at each point is color coded by the countries, organizations such as the United States, Soviet, China, Japan, ESA (European Space Agency), India and others.

In terms of space development, approaches from both the national and private sectors are underway, and access to the moon is expected to become more familiar in the future. NASA says, "In the situation where accessibility to the moon increases, protecting existing artifacts is becoming more important in terms of historical and scientific value," and as its first step, We create a map that summarizes the locations and their contents.

Besides the map above, we also publish a map of artificial objects by the United States.
Map U.S. Artifacts

A map that collects only the things related to the Apollo program ......
Map Apollo Artifacts Only

A map of only Soviet Union has also been released.
Map Soviet Artifacts

In addition, a list showing a detailed breakdown is also disclosed. I am surprised that not only "satellite" and "rocket engine" but also fine items such as "life support device (PLSS)", "camera" and "oxygen bacterial filter" are covered. Among them is Apollo 11's "Set of flags" also included.

(PDF file)FINAL Catalog of Manmade Material on the Moon - FINAL Catalog of Manmade Material on the Moon.pdf

In this way, it became a map and a map summarizing valuable heritage related to the history of the lunar development of mankind. Apollo's lunar landing overConspiracy · Theory of NeonThere are also existing, but as far as these materials are concerned, it seems that it is said that human beings have reached the moon with no mistake.

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