What is "the Golden Rule of 10" to get a better sleep?

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It is better for humankind that it is said that "I am sleeping one-third of my life", good quality sleep is betterQuality of lifeIt is a common story that it is hard to move to practice even if you know with the head that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the first step to realizing the quality of life (QOL). "10 Golden Rules" for high quality sleep is shown for such a person.

10 Golden Rules of Sleep - Health Boosters

◆ 01: I try hard to sleep until 20 minutes
Even if you enter a bed and you can not go to bed, you may work hard as "Let's go to bed!", But the long-term persistence will last for 20 minutes. If you have not fallen asleep after 20 minutes, please wake up once, let's change your mood by reading a book or doing a light exercise. Rather than taking a shallow sleep for 8 hours, sleep quality improves if you take a deep sleep 5 hours.

◆ 02: Make your own "Sleeping Ritual"
By patterning the steps until you fall asleep and creating a sort of "ceremony" you will be more likely to get to sleep by teaching yourself what to do when you are supposed to sleep. Even if things do not go well at first, gradually you will learn the timing when your body adapts to your pattern and sleeps.

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◆ 03: Keep the bedroom at an appropriate temperature
The room temperature that is most suitable for sleep is said to be between 18 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. Also, as important as temperature is properly ventilated."Withings Aura" of a device that can easily get into a deep sleep · a device that makes it easy to wake up and obtain a high quality sleepThere are functions that let you know when the bedroom goes out of the optimal environment for sleeping, so it is an item useful for getting a good sleep.

◆ 04: Avoid baths and shower just before going to bed
If you take a bath or a shower just before you go to sleep, your body temperature will rise too much, which is surprisingly counterproductive. The best bathing timing is said to be two hours before sleeping.

◆ 05: Avoid lights and noise
It is better to avoid listening to music at a loud volume immediately before going to bed or using electronic devices such as smartphones, because more lights and sounds than necessary are factors preventing sleeping. The above-mentioned Withings Aura also has a function to detect and notify such circumstances.


◆ 06: Dinner sparingly
If you eat too much before going to bed, your warning level of consciousness will rise and the number of times you will wake up during sleep will increase. Before going to bed, it is best to drink a cup of warm herbal tea with relaxing effect or cold milk in a glass.

◆ 07: Actively spend daytime
It is also clarified as a result of the research that by actively spending daytime, it becomes easier for sleeping at night. However, if you do intense exercise within 4 hours of falling asleep, your body will wake up, so be careful.

◆ 08: Schedule sleep timing
It is important to decide the time to sleep and sleep at that time every day. Even if you change the bed time on weekdays and weekends OK.

◆ 09: Wake up with natural blue light
The best way to get up is to get up in the sun 's light. Open the curtains in the bedroom a little, you should be able to get up comfortably if you let sunlight plug in in the morning. Withings Aura seems to have a function to support waking up by illuminating soft blue light.


◆ 10: Warm your body when getting up
To sleep pleasantly, the human body has the property of keeping body temperature low while sleeping. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the temperature when it happens. It is hard to get out of the futon, but the morning shower can be said to be a good way to switch on the body.

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