Three simple ways to enhance the quality of sleep

It is said that high quality sleep is important for maintaining health, but it can be understood from the rule of thumb that merely sleeping for a long time does not increase the quality of sleep. In response to the question of how to get high quality sleep, three simple methods are proposed.

Three Simple Ways That I Optimize My Sleep | Brian Martinek

When Brian McConnec saw many sleeping books to get a sleep, I noticed that the sleeping habits and the environment of modern people are unique from the process of human evolution. The cause is "Invention of light bulbThat is to say.

Human beings are built on the basis of sunrise and sunset as human beings have assembled a cycle of one day, relying on the sun until the bulb appears. The emergence of lightbulbs has destroyed this cycle, forcing humans to get up late and get up earlier. In the 2012 study, 30% of adults were sleeping hours less than 6 hours, but only 50% of the people had less than 3%.

Mr. Neck, who focused on this,A sleeping style that refers to the life before the lightbulb was invented is necessary for high quality sleepThinking, I actually experience the following three methods on their own and try their utility.

◆ 1: sleep in a black room
Before the lightbulb appeared, the lights in the city at night were only stars and moons, basically the night was dark. In this darkness, the brainMelatoninIt instructs to generate.

Melatonin is a hormone that induces drowsiness and is a very important substance for sleeping but blue light (narrow wavelength of 460 nm to 480 nm) suppresses melatonin production (Interestingly, red or orange light Does not inhibit melatonin production). Scientists who study sleep,Melatonin has the efficacy of helping sleep, preventing fatigue during the day and giving a good effect to the immune systemIs called.

And it is known that melatonin production decreases when the rhythm of the human body clock is destroyed. thisMelatonin production is disturbed even by a small amount of lightAccording to a study by Harvard Medical School, it is said that melatonin levels were suppressed by 50% just by taking an interior light.

Melatonin levels rise from 8 o'clock in the evening and peak at midnight.

Mr. Neck blocks all light entering the bedroom to maintain melatonin levels. Among them is a computer and a wireless LAN router indicator lamp, which means that all these lights were covered with tape. It is difficult to thoroughly complete so far, so March Neck recommends attaching an eye mask.

◆ 2: Sunrise Clock
Man has got up as the sun rises and has evolved living like sleeping when the sun sets. This cycle has collapsed since the bulb was invented 130 years ago and it is a very recent incident from the perspective of human history. You should have experienced how much refreshing to wake up to sunrise everyone.

In general, the sleep cycle consists of five stages, each lasting about 90 minutes. Usually, in one sleep, repeat these cycles 4 or 5 times.

This is a graph showing the sleep cycle.REM sleepIt goes back and forth between Stage 4 and Stage 4.

As the light of the sun is gradually strengtheningREM Sleeping when you reach sleep is the time to wake up before the appearance of light bulbsIf you woke up in Stage 3, I felt that I did not refresh even if I slept for a sufficient time.

March Neck buys a Sunrise Clock so that it can wake up to the sleep cycle. The Sunrise Clock is an alarm clock that realizes a natural awakening by creating a light environment that gradually brightens over about 30 minutes as if the rising sun rises. Mr. Neck said that he added a lamp that was connected to the Sunrise Clock to the head of the bed and added up remodeling to make the sound of the birds singing sound as the light became brighter.

This is the bedroom of Mr. Neck.

◆ 3: Optimum temperature
Room temperature has a great influence on the quality of sleepIt is known that when the body feels hot, cold, the quality of sleep worsens by being evoked from deep sleep. Studies have shown that the optimum room temperature for sleeping is relatively low, 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 degrees C) to 68 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Celsius).

The way to realize the proper room temperature is very simple with just setting and managing the air temperature in the air conditioner. In the absence of air conditioner, Mr. Neck talks about recommending products that will cool pillows and beds.

Mr. Neck, who continues to ask for high quality sleep, is currently using an iOS application that tracks sleep patterns. People who are suffering from poor sleeping quality and having a bad sleep quality seem to be good at referring to Mr. Neck 's advice.

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