Event that Apple announced "Apple Watch" price · release date etc. "Spring forward" Summary

Apple announces new product release event "Spring forward"Was held on March 9, 2015 (Japan time on March 10, early). Apple's first wearable terminal appeared in a new product event in September 2014 when "iPhone 6/6 Plus" was announced "Apple Watch"The price and release date became clear, and the future new product lineup other than the terminal was announced, and it is expected to have expectation for the future development of Apple in the future.

Apple - Apple Events - Special Event March 2015

Yerba Buena Center at the new product release site.

The reporter finally got in.

The venue is full.

It is the start of the recital.

I went to the ...

Apple's CEO Tim Cook.

The venue is surrounded by applause.

Screening of the opening movie from here.

West Lake, China - Apple Store Opening - YouTube

It is the state of the newly opened AppleStore in China

Apple store in China.

First of all, it is from the story of the Apple Store.

The number of people who visited the Apple Store was 120 million.

Next is Apple TV.

Apple TV that can enjoy various contents.

There were "NETFLIX" and "hulu PLUS" in the conventional channel.

A new "HBO NOW" is added to the channel of Apple TV.

Richard Prepuller CEO of HBO entered and greeted the addition of channels.

Apple TV's price is $ 99 (about 10,200 yen) ... ...

Price down to 69 dollars (about 8400 yen).

Next on the iPhone.

IPhone sales reached 700 million units.

Number 1 smartphone is iPhone.

The customer satisfaction level of iPhone 6/6 Plus is 99%.

Next is Apple Pay's story.

Many banks and card companies such as "citi" and "Bank of America" ​​announced their entry.

The number of shops that can use Apple Pay has increased to 700,000 stores.

Attempts to use Apple Pay in vending machines are under way.

Next, "Health" of the health management application

Use iPhone technology as a research tool for medical use.

We will use iPhone which sold 700 million units as a research tool for medical use.

"Research Kit" of medical software framework was announced.

· Continued
Finally to announce new hardware

Apple announces super lightweight thin "MacBook", with Retina display at 12 inches - GIGAZINE

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