I ate the recommended ramen which ranked in Stock Now Ramen of the Year 2014

"Noodles"Is delivered in the condition of frozen preserved items of nationwide ramen and tsukemen stores, and is a service for obtaining orders that can enjoy almost the same taste as shops. Since the popularity ranking of 2014 was announced this time, there was opportunity to eat various ramen, so I ate ramen.

In Stock Now Ramen of the Year 2014. We can order from noodle, announced the popularity ranking of 2014 from among more than 100 ramen stores!

Ramen noodle of the year 2014 and a recommended set arrived in the editorial department.

Ramen is delivered in a boxed and packaged condition.

Since the raw materials of ramen are written in the package, you can know the raw materials of popular shops.

First of allTamadaIt is the affiliated store of "Jiro Inspire category prize 2nd placeLightning head officeof"Lightning Soba(840 yen excluding tax) "to start making. Noodles and soup are basically contained in any bag, but some ingredients need to be prepared by yourself. In the case of this ramen, sprouts and cabbage are purchased separately.

The way to make is to prepare two pots, just boil soup and ingredients and boil the noodles.

The soup's boiling time is about 10 to 15 minutes, it is longer than the time with boiled noodles, so it seems better to put the noodles in hot water before boiling.

Boiled in noodles, the time is short, which is one minute, and thick noodles can take more than 8 minutes.

Because the noodles are frozen and solidified, mix them with chopsticks after it is put in hot water.

While boiling the noodles, take out the soup which has been boiled ... ...

Open your mouth and go to a bowl. Sauce and soup are already in place, so you do not need to mix them.

Like at home like shopping at homeTeboThere are few people preparing, so it is recommended to use bamboo etc.

Lightning near the lightning head office seems to have a lot of noodles for soup.

Ramen is completed with bean sprouts and chopped garlic. I will taste it from the soup.

The soup is melted into a large amount of back fat and finished in sweet soy sauce flavor, and if you insert garlic chopped as recommended, the scent and taste of garlic is intense. Although it is certainly a Jiro-like style taste, since the soup is not emulsified, it seems to be said that there is somewhat different point.

Noodles are thickly chewy and have a dusty texture that bounces back, and it fits well with the soup. Because the soup is thick, it is recommended to sprinkle bean sprouts and cabbages in soup and noodles and eat them.

Because the soup is soaked in the whole soup, the taste of the soup is damping considerably, but this is ant with this.

Next, the second cup is a comprehensive grand prize of 2014, and Kotohiriso's 500 people are visiting every day in remote areas of YamagataChinese noodle shampoo(840 yen without tax) ".

The finished form looks something like this. You need to prepare your own onions only.

The soup is based on soy sauce which is said to be the Tanrei-based, while the egg and sardines of Sardaria are working, and it is a nostalgic taste somewhere.

Noodles are cracked, medium sized noodles with a high moisture content are good compatibility with soup.

Because it was soaked in soup, the taste had fallen somewhat. Kotohira ramen is in a difficult place to go, and the business period is from October to the end of May, so it seems to be said that it is particularly suitable for orders to be ordered.

Yakumo's "Special Wanno Noodle (White)" in Tokyo, which was selected as sales prize, is a gorgeous dish with 6 shrimp and meat wontons on 1020 yen without tax.

It takes 5-6 minutes for boiled wonton to boil, so you need to boil down wonton before boiling the noodles.

Serve wonton and ramen is completed.

Soup used white soy sauce, but it has a delicious taste while having a dish, and finished in an elegant taste with a marinated seafood such as a noisy.

Noodles are thin noodles and excellent with soup. It is a little early to grow, so be careful when making it yourself.

Shrimp wonton is a soft texture with a slippery texture, and the texture made with shrimp prepuri is also good.

The meat wonton had plenty of pork umami, it seemed that ginger was contained and it was a good accent.

Although Yakumo has a reputation for Wonton, baked pigs are used for chashu, and you can enjoy the taste of meat firmly.

Even on weekdays you can have a line of more than an hour Tsukemen Grand PrizeChinese soba and Mitaof"Tsukisoba(930 yen excluding tax) "is a pleasant place to eat without waiting if it is ready. You need to prepare your own onion as much as you need.

Because you are using homemade ultra thick noodles, Boiled time is about 6 ~ 8 minutes, and you need to wash the noodles after boiling.

I decided to eat it at once.

Homemade extremely thick noodles made with domestic wheat at 100% feel not only dusty but also thrilling. Pork bones and seafood are used plentifully, and it is finished in rich taste with a refreshing and refreshing taste.

Eating large chashuwa was also excellent.

Got a Grand Prize at Miso Category AwardsTokyo style miso soup and misoof"Special Mosogarator(920 yen without tax) ", it is recommended to prepare corn and butter and eat it.

So, I prepared ramen by preparing corn etc.

Soup used red miso, finished in a slightly salty taste, but finished in a taste with punch with the taste of peppers and pig bones.

Although I thought that "it might be slightly dark with soup alone", it feels just right if you eat it with noodles. The noodles were thick noodles and received the taste of soup securely.

Sprouts and corn fits well with miso taste soup. When making at home, it may be nice to eat plenty of vegetables.

Received a recruitment award other categoryNoodle Shopof"Taiwan Mashuba(930 yen excluding tax) "is a cup made by the manager who practiced with" Noodle Shoninavi ", the birthplace of Taiwanese mixed soba.

There is no soup, so it is necessary to warm the Taiwan mince and sauce with a boiled water, you need to buy yolk and prepare.

Completion with good chicks such as fish meal, egg yolk, Taiwan mince, scallions etc. that are on chopsticks.

Because it is pretty hot chili, it is difficult for people who do not like spicy food, but the taste of meat and fish meal, rich flavor of egg yolk, glue of paste and so on mix with each other, but the pungent taste is intense but deep taste. People who are not good at eating hot water may want to increase the amount of egg yolk, or put in miso soup and eat it.

After finishing eating noodles, eating with rice is also a pleasure. You can also enjoy rice in other ramen, but it is especially recommended to put rice after this is finished.

It is in Miyazaki prefecture at 3rd place in Pork category prizeRamen manof"Lot of tongs(920 yen excluding tax) "uses chicken and shiitake as soup as well as Tonkotsu and uses soup that has been added many times with a recall method that puts new raw materials into the soup taken in the formlike on the previous day Characteristic.

The finished form looks something like this, the fragrance of the Tonkotsu spread to the room.

The soup is a taste like Wakayama Ramen where the taste of soy sauce and Tonkotsu is effective, but because the bones are melting, it is somewhat rough and finished in a distinctive taste, because it uses recalled soup. Although soup is pretty heavy, we used chicken and shiitake mushrooms too, so it was finished in a complicated soup that was not easy and straightforward.

Noodles are thin noodles and boiled in about 1 minute, and if it is about 40 seconds it can be hardened. Since one substitute is attached, it may be good to eat a second beer while changing the time with boiled.

Chashu has a lot of lean body and soy sauce stains well, so it seems to be good for dishes like rice.

Tagano (Takano) 's also included in MichelinPork Duck Tsukisoba(930 yen excluding tax) "is a handmade soy sauce that used plenty of duck fat.

Since it is handmade soy sauce, we need to prepare two vessels.

Try on soup and eat noodles, duck 's fat and sweet soup are involved in the medium thick noodles with a crispy texture, finished in the taste of the duck - barbaric style. The amount of noodles was also large, and plenty of small carved pork was also included, so there was quite a volume.

The soup taste was stained well in the barbecue. Because it has a lot of fat, it seems good to eat with rice.

Home noodles are nowNew member registration campaignWe are distributing coupons for 300 yen. It is especially recommended for shops where the queue is too long to go, and those who have gone to favorite stores because they have moved to a district, and it is recommended to go out on a cold day and go out to ramen .

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