I tried to eat "backfat miso ramen found in Sapporo" which retort truffle is quite serious

Everyday, as cool as continuing through the body continues, I bought a new product, "Backfat miso ramen found in Sapporo", which seems to be warmed by the taste which was very heavy at convenience stores stayed in my eyes.

In order to reproduce "the taste of Sapporo" which is the birthplace of Miso Ramen, it is expected to add a unique "retort truffle" to the soup based on red miso and white miso, so it can expect a considerable richness But what about the actual situation?

The impression of back fat miso ramen is as follows.Miso Ramen found in Sapporo | Product Information | ACE COCK CO., LTD.

This is "back miso miso ramen found in Sapporo" 220 yen (tax excluded).

It seems that you have confidence in "back fat miso".

It is known that 535 Kcal per serving and 26.8 g of lipid are considerably rich.

Allergic substances are "wheat" "egg" "pork" "soy".

Raw material name.

Open the lid and greet the liquid soup.

The fish is quite yellowish.

It is a type that puts two liquid soup in "post-in".

I got a quick opening. Lineup of baked pigs, menma, leek, seaweed, red pepper and orthodox.

After pouring hot water ......

While waiting for hungry, wait for 4 minutes.

It took 4 minutes.

First of all we put liquid soup. A rich miso aroma tickles the nostrils.

I got all the miso out of the bag.

And put in the product 's liver Ace cok' s own "retort backing fat".

If you look at it again after all the back grease has been added, you can see that this is a surprisingly authentic backpack.

Completion by stirring the whole thing! I will get it quickly.

Baked pork is a common feeling "cup-shaped flesh".

Menma is quite crisp, good compatibility with soup and soup. Seaweed and leek are also collecting safely. Pepper is not so many, so some people may be unsatisfactory.

Yellow medium-sized non-fried noodles that imagined Sapporo's miso ramen had strong elasticity and good touch with soup. As for the soup of the essence, although it is not as greasy as the appearance impact of "Retort Back Fat", it is considerably greasy from a general cup noodle, a strong miso flavor and pig bones are combined to make a soup of rich flavor It is becoming.

Regardless of the person who normally drinks soup at a ramen shop etc, otherwise it may be hard to drink the soup. I think that preference is divided by the texture of non-fried noodles, but if it is a person who feels the phrase "back fat miso" of the package attractive, it is quite possible to spend satisfactory time.

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